The Flex Safe Review: The Ultimate Portable Safe as Seen on Shark Tank












Ease of Use


What We Love

  • Portable
  • Combo-lock, keeps your stuff secure
  • 5 layers of protection with RFID
  • So easy to pack
  • Locks to any fixed object
  • tough and durable

Regardless of whether you’re inside or outside, the FlexSafe by @aquavault, As Seen on Shark Tank is the place you bolt up assets such as vapes and cannabis. Never stress over your precious items again!


The FlexSafe was awarded First Place Hotel Product of the Year in 2017. In Shark Tank, Daymond John had the honor of partnering with the Aquavault guys.





The FlexSafe is stacked with new highlights including;

  • 3-digit lock combination which protects the herbs and cannabis from being stolen
  • Fortified binding for extra solidness
  • Water resistant
  • A zipper-fortified freight pocket
  • Fitting pockets for bottles

Important Features:


  • SECURE- Level 5 Cut-Resistant, RFID Blocking, Integrally Locking Flap (No Cords to Easily Snip Through)
  • DURABLE- Five Layer Construction, Heavy Duty, Easily Packable, Flexible, and Water Resistant
  • PORTABLE- Sleek Design, Packable, Flexible, Looks Great on Furniture and Sits Up Off the Ground


The FlexSafe is manufactured from Ultra Slash Resistant Materials which makes it pretty tough to tear. 

It has a carry handle, belt loops, mesh pockets on both sides and tie down loops. These guys have thought of everything!

The FlexSafe is a convenient little bag which enables you to bolt little however costly things like cannabis, herbs, bongs, vaporizers, telephones, wallets, ipads and even gems inside and afterward safely lock it to a stationary item such as a pole.

You can put the FlexSafe in your cabinet, on your bike, locked to your beach chair or just about anywhere with a pole.


The Flexsafe is entirely extreme and its manufactured from a hardened fabric so when you have it secured, pickpockets will experience considerable difficulties breaking into it.

Whether you are at the beach, school, golf club, or railway, you won’t have to worry about safety because the FlexSafe can be attached to chairs, loungers, watercraft rails, poles and more. The fold-over the top is patented so you don’t see any product like this. This portable safe is unique.


Our Final Thoughts

What we love most about FlexSafe by Aquavault is that it is portable and has combo-locks. It is protected with a lot of layers including the blocking material RFID. It is Ultra Slash Resistant.

You can take it with you anywhere and use it to secure your stuff.


It has a ton of space so you can secure your weed, vaporizer, keys and cellphone inside. You can lock the flap over any fixed object.

It is slash proof so you don’t have to worry about someone using a knife to get through the FlexSafe. We highly recommend it.

There aren’t a lot of portable bags that has combo-locks and FlexSafe is one of the portable safes that we have come accross that is durable and reliable.

We simply love how convenient it is and how it keeps our stuff safe.

Go check it out on


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