Ultraflo X-Pro Cartridge Review: Best Consistency in Vaping

ultraflo xpro

There are a lot of vape cartridges on the market, but we can honestly say that the Ultraflo X-Pro by @TheBlincGroup, is one of the best vape cartridges we have tested here at Ganjly.


The Ultraflo X-Pro has patent-pending technology that makes vaping easier and more consistent.

It has a heating system that allows the oil stay warm and efficient throughout the whole experience, providing users with the perfect amount of oil for their vaping preference.

A majority of vape cartridges use a vertical coil system, which degrades the quality of the oil by constantly reheating the entire contents of the cart.

It could be compared to certain types of cooking, where you keep on reusing and reheating the oil. Eventually the taste will go bad, but the X-Pro has some unique features to prevent this.


The Ultraflo X-Pro cartridge has a unique gravity-fed bottom heating chamber, so it only heats the the oil you’re vaping at that moment.

This is what helps retain the flavour and terpenes of the remaining oil and what gives consistency to your vaping.




If you are coughing too much, you can adjust the top for more or less airflow. It has three holes and turning it clockwise covers the holes.

Start exposing one hole, then two, then three to find your best fit. As always, it is a matter of preference, so choose what suits your vaping experience.

It was very easy to load oil into the X-Pro cartridge, though one tip we’d recommend is to wash the mouthpiece with soap and water before vaping since there is an aftertaste from the rubber cap.

Once we started vaping, the cartridge created thick and puffy clouds every time.


The cartridge itself is durable and you can tell the quality of material is high because the tank glass is made out of Pyrex and not cheap plastic.

We had the opportunity to test the Ultraflo X-Pro 5, but there are other seemingly high quality cartridges in this product line to choose from.


We personally favor this vape cartridge and highly recommend it to our readers. You have got to try this because it is one of the best we have ever had at Ganjly.