My Bud Vase Review: An Awesome Bong Designed as a Vase

my bud vase

The My Bud Vase, @MyBudVase is the perfect bong to use when smoking! It has the perfect design and it it extremely easy to use. This would be the perfect pipe for any woman who enjoys smoking cannabis. For you guys out there, this is a perfect gift for the girly smoker in your life. 


There are many great reviews about the My Bud Vase and some of those reviews explain how easy and how much this pipe has been able to change their lives and their smoking experience in general.

Ganjly tested it and read on below for our results.


My Bud Vase Review


We reviewed both The Aurora and The Rose. All of the My Bud Vase products can be displayed in your house as a vase.

The quality is high class. The designs are devine. In terms of functionality, both bongs served its purpose.

You draw wonderful hits with both water pipes. They feature a joint at a diagonal 45 degree angle. 

The downstem is a glass tube that funnels smoke from the bowl towards the bottom of the bong.

This specific type of downstem is fixed into the joint and functions as a perc by distilling smoke with its slits or holes.

The rubber grommet has a rubber ring with a hole in the center. This leads into the the main chamber.

The mouthpiece is flared and the glass around it is elevated. This was very convenient for us when smoking. It provided an airtight seal as it conformed perfectly to our mouth.


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The Aurora, $89.95

the aurora water pipe

Joint Size:

Rubber grommet female

  • Includes Faux Flower Poker
  • Authentic Peacock Feather
  • Rubber Grommet Style Joint
  • Purple Grommet Style Slide Included

8 inches

  • Base Width: 5″
  • 45° joint
  • female joint
  • fixed downstem
  • flared mouthpiece

Connected to the rubber joint grommet, a fixed downstem percolator leads into the main chamber.

A beautiful purple-tinted male bowl for dry herbs is also included with the Aurora Water Pipe.

Aurora is also capable of being disguised as a normal flower vase.

Remove the male bowl, insert the faux flower poker and authentic peacock feather, and rotate the vase to obscure the rubber grommet.

The Aurora was very delicately and very precisely created to fit your needs.

It has a great touch to it because of how wonderfully crafted it is. The vibrant colors will blow your mind away.

The design of the My Bud Vase Aurora pipe is large enough to fit a large amount of water for filtration.

We love the display of the different shiny, metallic colors! This bong is just beautiful and at the price of $89.95, we say that it is the right price for its value.


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The Rose, $99.95

The Rose is a vintage design water pipe. You can choose from two colors, pink and ivory.

My Bud Vase The Rose, ivory






My Bud Vase Rose

The Rose conveniently included 2.5″ bowl slide fits snugly, making sure no smoke escapes.

The slide even has a handle for easy removal. Rose’s main feature is a beautiful decorative rose on the opposite side of the rubber grommet joint. 

This is the perfect gift for the ladies in the smoking community at a reasonable price of $99.95.


Smoking cannabis has become increasingly popular throughout the years, and in order to get the best smoking experience it is very important to have the right water pipe.

My Bud Vase has designed the perfect water pipes for women. Their bud vases are functional as well as decorative. Overall, their pipes are classy, luxurious and elegant.

You will not regret buying a My Bud Vase. Ganjly highly recommends it!

To buy or see more of their mind-blowing designs, go to