11 Best-Selling Cannabis Books And Recipes on Amazon

Top 11 cannabis books and recipes you can buy on Amazon

cannabis books and recipes on Amazon

Are you a huge fan of #cannabis? If so, you are not alone.  If you live in a state where #marijuana is legal, you may be interested in cooking with cannabis.

Here are top 11 cannabis books and cannabis recipes on Amazon based on their sales ranking and content.


  1. Cannabis Cuisine: Bud Pairings Of A Born Again Chef

Bud Pairings of a Born Again Chef, written by Andrea Drummer from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, features a broad range of cannabis recipes. Drummer began her career after she graduated from Le Cordon Bleu. She later rounded a job with a Michelin chef, but eventually decided to set out on her own. The book is comprised of a variety of cannabis recipes, laid out over 180 pages. Buy it Here.



2. The Medical Marijuana Dispensary: Understanding, Medicating and Cooking With Cannabis

Understanding, Medicating and Cooking With Cannabis, written by Mary and Lauri Wolf, features a broad range of cannabis recipes with the main ingredient cannabis. From cannabis cookies to macaroni and cheese recipes, you will find it in this book. Buy it Here.


3. Cannabis Pharmacy: The Practical Guide To Medical Marijuana

The Practical Guide to Medical Marijuana, written by Michael Backes and Andrew Weil, is an excellent cannabis book that explains and addresses the many symptoms that are relieved cannabis. The authors work diligently to explain the effects of cannabis on the human endocannabinoid system. The book features preparation techniques, along with administration recommendations.


4. Marijuana Horticulture: The Indoor/Outdoor Medical Grower’s Bible

The Indoor/Outdoor Medical Grower’s Bible, written by Jorge Cervantes, features the proper ways to grow marijuana indoors and outdoors. The cannabis book features 1,120 colored images and step-by-step guides on how to grow cannabis. This is an amazing book that will help you perfect your marijuana-growing skills in more ways than one. Buy it HERE.


5. The Cannabis Encyclopedia: The Definitive Guide To Cultivation and Consumption Of Medical Marijuana

The Definitive Guide to Cultivation & Consumption of Medical Marijuana, written by Jorge Cervantes, addresses both the cultivation techniques and consumption of medical marijuana. This is a great cannabis book for beginners and long-term users of cannabis. You will definitely enjoy the Foreword that was written by no other than Vincente Fox Quesada.


6. Marijuana Grower’s Handbook: Your Complete Guide For Medical And Personal Marijuana Cultivation

Your Complete Guide for Medical and Personal Marijuana Cultivation, written by Tommy Chong and Ed Rosenthal, features the proper ways to cultivate marijuana. It also addresses personal and medical uses of marijuana. The authors do a great job breaking down the proper growing tips and their importance. This is a great cannabis book for anyone who is interested in learning more about cannabis. It is definitely a great read. Buy it HERE.


7. The Cannabis Grow Bible: The Definitive Guide To Growing Marijuana For Recreational And Medicinal Use

The Definitive Guide to Growing Marijuana for Recreational and Medicinal Use, written by Greg Green, provides interesting tips for utilizing medicinal and recreational marijuana. When you begin reading this cannabis book, you will surely be amazed with the author’s knowledge of cannabis. The content is very thorough and description, making this the ideal book for every cannabis user. Buy it HERE.


8. Cannabis Revealed: How The World’s Most Misunderstood Plant Is Healing Everything From Chronic Pain To Epilepsy

How the World’s Most Misunderstood Plant is Healing Everything from Chronic Pain to Epilepsy, written by Bonni Goldstein M.D., addresses the many health benefits of marijuana. The author is a medical professional with inside knowledge of how the drug is safely utilized to treat a broad range of illnesses. Goldstein believes that people with epilepsy can benefit from regular use of cannabis. Buy it HERE.


9. The Leafly Guide To Cannabis: A Handbook For The Modern Consumer

A Handbook for the Modern Consumer, written by The Leafly Team, is a great read. The authors address everything from how the plant is grown to its many health benefits. Anyone who desires to learn more about cannabis will definitely find this book helpful. This information cannabis reference book will provide every reader with the laws and regulations of marijuana. It is also comprised of a true story of how marijuana helped a patient diagnosed with early onset Parkinson’s disease. Buy it HERE.


10. The Easy Cannabis Cookbook 

This cannabis cookbook is the definitive guide to making easy, everyday cannabis edibles for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. It’s truly easy! Cheri Sicard is a professional food writer and recipe developer who has been named by The Daily Beast as the “Martha Stewart of weed.” Previously, her articles and recipes have appeared in publications such High Times, Herb, Civilized, and Cannabis Now. This is her second cannabis cookbook.


11. The Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook: Feel-Good Food For Home Cooks


Robyn Griggs Lawrence is well know throughout the world for bringing sustainable lifestyles and healthy homes into light with the work that she done for the Natural Home Magazine. She also wrote several books about finding the beauty in imperfections.

Povy Kendal Atchison Is a food photographer that is somewhat of a deadhead and even won an award for her the images that she captured during a Grateful Dead Show. These two powerhouses combined together to bring marijuana enthusiasts a wonderful and powerful cannabis recipe book based on some of the most prolific and tasty marijuana recipes in the world. Buy it HERE.