volcano vaporizer

Handheld #vaporizers have become all the rage these days, offering a quick, easy, and discreet way to smoke dry herbs and oils.

Not only that, but a vaporizer lets you get even more THC from the weed compared to smoking, meaning you’re getting a better and longer-lasting high when vaping.

While there is no shortage of new and fancy handheld and desktop vaporizers, one product remains firmly at the top of the market – the Volcano Vaporizer.

Anyone that’s been smoking for a while has likely seen one of these bad boys -known for their iconic metal cone-shaped design – while those anyone lucky enough to try one will know exactly why they are held in such high regard.  

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What is the Volcano Vaporizer?

The Volcano classic vaporizer is a desktop convection vaporizer released by German manufacturer Storz and Bickel.


Despite dry herb and oil vaporizers being a relatively newer trend, the Volcano has been around for close to 20 years, being first released in 2000!

As the first and most prominent vaporizer on the market, the Volcano is widely recognised as the best vaporizer ever made, easily out-performing even the newer models of today.

In fact, the Volcano Vaporizer is such high-quality product that most of the original vaporizers from 2000 work to this day – a testament to the quality of the Volcano Vaporizer. 

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Types of Volcano Vaporizers

There are currently two types of Volcano desktop vaporizers currently available.

The company hasn’t really had a need to create any more since 2000, as they two they have produced are simply that good and durable!

The Classic Volcano

volcano classic vaporizer

The original Volcano Vaporizer, it was first released in 2000 and most of these remain in working condition to this day.

The desktop vaporizer features a full hot air convection heating element that produces a potent vapour from dry herbs.

Once heated, the vapor fills into a removable balloon using a valve system. 

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The balloon is filled with a large amount of vapor that is then inhaled at your preferred pace – it’s also great for sharing!

The Digital Volcano

volcano desktop vaporizer

The 2007 update to the Volcano Classic, this is very similar desktop vaporizer to the original but with the addition of digital controls.

The Classic Volcano vaporizer uses a traditional dial system to set temperatures, the Volcano digital vaporizer version is a much more user-friendly design that features an LED display to let you know how hot the heating element is to get the desired vape consistency. 

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Is the Volcano Vaporizer Really Worth Buying?

Simply put – yes!

If you are serious about vaping and want the best product on the market, look no further than the Volcano.

Perhaps the biggest selling point here is not just the amazing performance of the vaporizer, but the fact it is so durable.

Yes, the cost of a Volcano may appear excessive at first, but you are investing in a product for the long-term.

This won’t need replacing in a few years like most other handheld and desktop vapes, with most Volcanoes lasting decades.

They’re almost impossible to break, while using it frequently every day will never diminish its performance.

Plus, you can adjust the temperatures to try different vape thicknesses, making it suitable for beginners or more advanced smokers.  

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