Volcano Digital Vaporizer – The Best Desktop Vaporizer?

    volcano desktop vaporizer

    From the brand that brought you some of the most illustrious and well-respected desktop vaporizers, the Volcano Digital Vaporizer is unlike anything you have tried before.

    The superior vape experience can be yours, whether you use oil or dry herbs. This especially designed vaporizer removes more tar and toxins from the vape than any other system currently available to the everyday consumer.

    It is easy to use, features amazing control options, and is designed to be sleek and attractive. When it comes to desktop vaporizers this is one you have to see for yourself!


    The Elegant Design

    The Volcano Digital Vaporizer from Storz and Bickel is made to last and is one of the most durable desktop vaporizer systems on the market. It’s simple shape is made to last and is easy to use and operate.

    When you buy a Volcano Digital Vaporizer, you buy for life because you likely will never need to buy another desktop model ever again!

    There is a ton of power packed into a relatively compact and simple design.

    Many users are surprised at just how much vape the volcano produces and the quality of the vape that is produces time and time again.

    It’s not just an aesthetic look but the quality is superior as well since it is made from food grade materials for the highest quality and level of safety.  

    And best of all, the elegant shape and style allows you to enjoy desktop vaporizing without an ugly or cumbersome machine cluttering up your desk.

    You get the best of both worlds with the Volcano Digital Vaporizer


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    The Cool Features

    Made by the finest German craftsmen, this desktop vaporizer features the finest in technology and the most advanced processes for vape production.

    High grade materials are made to last and produce clean vape each and every time your volcano is turned on.

    The balloon allows for up to 8 hours of vapor storage and the vape reaches a perfectly cooled vapor thanks to the advanced air temp control system.

    For a desktop vaporizer, it allows for unmatched vape production and temperature control over hours of vaping.

    Desktop vaporizers are perfect for group sessions or for larger scale vape enjoyment all day long.


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    The Volcano Digital Vaporizer includes these amazing features:

    • Strong balloon diaphragm and pump for extended warm and cool vape enjoyment
    • Electromechanical system for easy control and customization of your vape experience
    • Automatic shut off features can be programed for your vaping session duration
    • Includes a limited warranty on all major parts and all major system components


    How do You Use It?

    The Volcano Vape was among the first desktop vaporizer systems to be available to the general public.

    To this day it is still one of the finest vaporizers on the market and it is still a wonderful vape system for all- whether beginners or experienced vaping pros.

    The system is easy to use and you can begin enjoying the highest quality vape you have ever experienced the same day it arrives.

    When the Volcano Digital is first plugged in the LED screen lights up, signaling it is on and functional.

    Simply press the red button on the control panel, which will initiate the heating process so you can begin enjoying your vape experience.

    The temperature you wish to operate at can quickly and easily be adjusted using the arrow buttons on the front control panel.

    When the Volcano is heating up, the control light will be on and once your desired temperature has been reached, it will switch off.

    Once ideal temperature has been reached you are then ready to experience the Volcano Digital Vaporizer for yourself!

    Whether you are using oils or dry leaves and herbs you will get the finest clouds ever and the best vape experience possible.  

    Once you try it you will see why Storz & Bickel are the go-to guys for desktop vaporizers.


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    At a Glance

    Vaporizes Herbs and concentrates
    Storage capacity 0.75 grams
    Preconfigured temperature levels 40°C to 230°C
    Initial heating Approximately 3 minutes
    Heating system Convection
    Heating chamber material Stainless steel
    External coating material Stainless Steel
    Battery capacity No battery
    Battery functions No battery
    Compatibility with chargers Power supply
    Compatibility with smartphones No
    Other functions Ventilation, digital temperature display, advanced heating
    Approximate dimensions (AxLxP) 18cm x 19cm X 1.98cm
    Approximate weight 1,8 kilos
    Warranty 3 years