The State of Oregon Cannabis, October 2018

    Robert of @Elitegrowers shares to you updates on the State of Oregon Cannabis.

    Oregon continues to have an oversupply of cannabis pushing prices to record lows.

    While great for the consumer it jeopardizes the small craft cannabis growers who, in my opinion, grow the best cannabis.

    I think two things need to happen to solve the problem.

    First, there are currently enough licensed growers in the state to supply the market. The legislature needs to cease issuing new licenses!

    Secondly the legislature needs to take a fresh look at the vertical integration model where large growers have been and are acquiring multiple dispensaries, which act as a blocking force for small growers to bring their product to the only legal sales point in the cannabis chain.

    At the very least there should be a limit on the amount of dispensaries any one group may own in this state.  

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    Legislative efforts:

    Before the end of this year I would like to encourage any and all Oregon cannabis consumers and supporters to please consider donating to the New Revenue Coalition.

    NRC is a Political Action Committee that Sam Chapman recently launched with long time cannabis experts and advocates Anthony Johnson, Madeline Martinez, and others to legalize cannabis consumption spaces here in Oregon.

    The state has been a long time leader in the Cannabis Space and other cannabis states will, most certainly, have their eye on us as we propose and pass new legislation.  

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    Here’s the link:

    The Issue: Way too many Oregonians are without a safe place to legally consume cannabis due to restrictions placed upon living arrangements, an issue that disproportionately impacts renters, patients, the poor and communities of color.

    Oregon currently has a version of legalization with a plethora of legal gray areas, meaning cannabis is legal but there really is no place, safe, to consume it.

    Time to change that.  

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    The Solution: The creation of areas of consumption, including clubs, coffee houses and outdoor spaces where individuals can use this legal product without jeopardizing their housing or breaking public consumption laws.

    It just makes sense. In other words we should emulate the Amsterdam model!

    Last chance to make that contribution to NORMLize cannabis consumption!  


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    state of cannabis oregonAuthor Bio: Robert Demes manages The Elite Growers. The Elite Growers was founded in December of 2016 as a premiere medical marijuana grower. The farm is located in Brownsville, Oregon a rural farming area 25 miles Northeast of Eugene. As part of “giving back to the Humanity” they operate an animal sanctuary for orphaned farm animals.


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