The #cannabis business is moving into the high-tech industry as its use is becoming more acceptable socially as well as for medicinal purposes.

Vaping is nothing new and has been in existence for the last 10 years.

However, the cannabis industry is introducing new systems to make it more enjoyable and sensible for individuals.

The cannabis industry is introducing a new design for vaping that is similar to the e-cigarette movement. 

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One of the leading vaping pens to hit the market is the new PCKT Vapor One unit (“PCKT One”).

Now people can use vaporization to transform cannabis concentrates into a smokable water vapor form.

Vaping is a method that allows around 95% of true vapor that contains cannabinoids that will keep your lungs free from irritants.

Vaping lets users absorb the cannabis vapors quickly without anyone having to suck in multiple puffs.

Also, modern-day vaping produces only a small amount of odors depending on the device you are using.

This is far less offensive to people around you.

Also, the Journal of the American Academy of Neurology and the Journal of Psychopharmacology magazine reports that vaping pens or the delivery system of vaporizing is safe and effective for medical cannabinoid use.  

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Cannabis is known to be very medicinal for different illnesses that is accompanied by chronic pain, nauseousness, anxiety, and more.

Vaping eliminates the messy business of lighting marijuana in weed form even if it is medicinal.

The vaping systems are the fastest way for users to get pain relief in a short amount of time.

Now a much more appealing vaping system is taking the industry by storm – it is the ‘vaping pen.’

The pen system allows users to use their own wax concentrates, oils, or dried herbs.

Vaping pens feature a heating component that heats up the cannabis concentrates slowly for a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience.  

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The PCKT Vapor Company had an idea in 2017 to create a vaping system that would revamp the way that cartridges and batteries interact for a longer beneficial smoke.

People were embracing the vaping system but technology had not caught up with the needs of the users for the perfect vaping pens.

The PCKT Vapor Company of Livermore, California (San Francisco legal cannabis market area) built a new cartridge system that addresses the old short battery life of smokers, it is called – ‘PCKT One.’

The PCKT company has created this new vaping pen system but their team are not neophytes in the cannabis industry.

They are all experienced and knowledgeable individuals who only want the best and safest vaping experience for their customers.

PCKT One is the latest vaping pen that stands out for its style, function, and versatility.  

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The PCKT One can fit into any pocket due to its height of 2.7 inches.

PCKT can fit into most bottom airflow cartridges and it features a small hole that accepts three different vape adapters so that your vaporizer cartridge of choice (510-connection cartridges) will fit in perfectly.

As a handheld pen, simply screw in the magnetic (gold-plated) adapter with a quick turn of your cartridge, then slip it inside the pen.

The PCKT concentrator pen contains a magnetic system that holds your cartridges in place until you change them out.

The magnetic attachments were created by the PCKT Company to keep the vaping pen from overheating.

Also, the adapters are created to last the life of the PCKT device. Please don’t make the mistake of throwing them away when the cartridges are finished.  

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Talking about great features on the PCKT vape pen, you will be happy to know that there is no battery exchanges in or out.

Your battery supply is built into the pen. How does it charge – easily. Just plug the PCKT pen into a 5-volt wall adapter and let its PCKT chip with its Tru Voltage auto inhale technology heat up for hours of vaping enjoyment.

With its micro USB charging cable users can top off the PCKT pen at home with a laptop, or if you are on the road, plug it into your car.

You can also plug it into a mobile USB power bank.

To power on and power off the PCKT vape pen, lightly press the function button several times quickly.

As a great cannabis heating unit, the PCKT vape pen has a smart power coil system for you to choose either a high or low channel.

The PCKT pen defaults to the low power mode but if you click the button twice then you have activated the high power mode.  

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The PCKT will activate in around 5 seconds and the LED light will flash three times and go from red to green.

In case you forget to power the pen off, then the auto-inhale feature of the PCKT vaping pen will power off automatically when not in use.

The PCKT vaporizer is a slender vaping wonder. It is extremely lightweight (2.3 oz) and it is made from one block of 6061 aluminum.

This aluminum is a strong alloy that is used throughout the construction industry.

Another great feature is that when you need to exchange your mouthpiece, just pull and replace.  

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You can purchase it in 9 different sleek matte anodized finish colors which represent its strength:

PCKT vaporizer

> Arctic Lime

> Avalanche (off-white)

> Charcoal

> Chocolate

> Crimson Red

> Midnight

> Pacific Blue

> Royalty (similar to lavender)

> Rustic Brown

In addition to its physical beauty, the PCKT concentrate vaping pen is a tiny, powerful hit experience.

When you see it, you would expect that your daytime THC hit or a heavier THC hit at night would not suffice, but it does.

The technology of the PCKT One is amazing.

For those who are used to rolling joints, grinding flowers, or packing herbs in a vaporizer, at least try this innovative cannabis concentrate vape pen – you will not be disappointed.

Individuals who have used the PCKT One vaporizer have responded with comments like they are diggin-it and that they have used it for a month at a time and they only had to charge it once.  

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Also, others who are long-time vapers report that the non-vaping public is more accepting of vaping around them because at a distance it looks like you are using an e-cigarette.

The new PCKT One vaporizer pen will reward users with unlimited vaping power, long battery life, and years of consistent vaping for medicinal purposes or social vaping.

To get one for yourself, head on over to their website,