Smojo Screen Review: The World’s First Permanent Smoking Screen

smojo screen

@SmojoScreen is the world’s first permanent smoking screen. It is freedom from the hassle of smoking screens.

Mary, @marylovesglass, gives her review on this revolutionary screen.

I didn’t pay much attention when I first heard about Smojo. I ignored the new product completely.

I’d heard it was a new screen, and I didn’t consider screens exciting in any way.

I already used glass screens or brass mesh screens.

Regularly losing or crushing screens during the cleaning process did not make me excited to spend money on another screen that would be ruined or lost.

Then, I got a package with a Smojo, and realized how blind I’d been. 

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Installing the Smojo

I installed my new Smojo into my favorite Nobody red spoon pipe. Invert your pipe or bowl over the legs of the Smojo and gently rock it back and forth to insert it.

The legs easily adjust to fit the hole of each individual glass piece. I further adjusted the fit by carefully using a poker through the carb hole of my piece.

A firmer fit doesn’t decrease the amount of airflow through the Smojo because of the screen’s shape.

I’ve now installed 12 Smojo’s in my pipes, steamrollers, and bowls. Each installation was just as easy as the first. And I easily adjusted the Smojo to fit every size hole. 

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Trying It Out

I was amazed when I smoked a bowl without one scooby snack during the sesh.

I’ve pulled many a hot ember with other screens. How many times have you eaten what normally ought to be smoked? I’ve lost count.

Keeping ash and embers out of my mouth and back of my throat makes the Smojo well worth the cost. 

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Can I Get It Clean?

So, it works great, but can I get it clean? Cleaning the Smojo is as easy as cleaning my piece.

I didn’t need to change my usual routine of salt/alcohol and rinse. For a really dirty piece, I give it an old-fashioned shaving cream soak.

In both cases, both the Smojo and the pipe look brand new after cleaning.

It’s nice not to have to chase a glass screen around the counter, or step on it after dropping it on the floor.

If you feel the need to remove the Smojo for cleaning, that’s easy too. Use tweezers to grab the the air vents in the sides of the Smojo and wiggle it out. 

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No Health Concerns

Am I hurting my lungs with this metal?  Nope. The Smojo is made from surgical stainless steel.

It can in no way hurt you during the smoking process. With other screens on the market, I’m worried about what I inhale along with my healing cannabis smoke.

I worry that a mesh screen will flake or the heat will crack a glass screen and I’ll inhale a shard of metal or glass.

The Smojo entirely removes these worries. 

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Bottom Line

Smojo is my favorite screen for the following reasons:

  • It fits most any size hole.
  • The legs on the Smojo can be adjusted so that it won’t fall out, and it can be removed if necessary.
  • The Smojo screen BLOCKS any ash or hot embers wanting to get in your mouth.
  • IT IS PERMANENT and doesn’t need to be removed to clean.
  • Cleaning your piece with the Smojo in place is easy and convenient.
  • It is made of surgical stainless steel and causes no health concerns.
  • It is affordable, so you can put one in every bowl or pipe.
  • The Smojo is made in the USA!

For more information, go to their website,

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