Winner of the AirRestore Tempest Giveaway: Eliminate Smoke and Food Odors in Your Room

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Air Restore Giveaway


You smoke in the house?!?

Larry & Elaine S. of Michigan – Thank you airrestore! My wife and I bought your whole home system and couldn’t wait to decide where to put the four units in our house. A couple of days after we got it all set up we had some friends visit us. They had never been in our home before. After a while I asked if they minded if I had a cigarette while we chatted.  And they said, “You smoke in the house?” I told them we did and asked if it was an issue for them. They said no, since they are also smokers. They just couldn’t believe that they couldn’t smell anything when they had first gotten there.

Here’s the bottom line: My wife and I smoke in the house, we have a live-in housekeeper who also is a smoker and we have four cats in the house with two litter boxes in our laundry room. We are very clean people but there is no denying we had been losing the odor battle before we found air restore.  I could go on and on; these things work! ‘Nuff said!

Wicked cooking odors

Victor N. of Colorado

My wife, Linda, has been a salesperson for air cleaning machines for over twelve years and more recently a dealer for the latest AirRestore Air Naturalizer product.  In 1997 she had a traumatic brain injury, and as a result she has lost her sense of smell. One day she was crisping kale in the oven and forgot it was there, burning it. She turned off the oven when she saw it smoking and took the cookie sheet, kale and all, outdoors.

Now I hate kale…even when it is cooked properly, but burnt kale is much worse! It had infiltrated our small home from the front to back. When I came home, I could smell something awful outside the kitchen door. I told her the odor was everywhere in the house.

She became frantic because a customer was arriving within the hour to pick up several AirRestore units and what would she think? We immediately placed extra units in the kitchen and in the living room and had them switched on high.  When the customer arrived the smell was gone! 

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The Tempest

Air Naturalizer Plus

Organic Energy Technology

The AirRestore Tempest is the Extra Strength Organic Energy Technology : offering the same function of the original AirRestore, but with increased power & improved technology. The stylish design update includes the high-gloss white cover. The Tempest is ideally suited for areas of dense pollution and odors.

The units are all corded with the USB connection for maximum flexibility and use.


AirRestore offers an all-new Organic Energy technology designed to improve the quality of indoor environments for an overall health benefit for body and mind. 
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AirRestore is a nationwide business that helps people live healthier lives through innovative technology. Our products are the result of decades of research and development, offering a breakthrough technology that truly replicates the energetic environmental restoration process happening outdoors. Organic Energy is essential for the health of our minds, bodies, and environments. Improving our environments improves our health. Improving our health improves our lives.

The founder of AirRestore worked with the United States government to improve the air quality of the Pentagon after the 9/11 Tragedy.