5 Cannabis Subscription Boxes Worth the Price

Follow these five subcription companies on Twitter to see what items they offer monthly: @hemperco, @420GoodyBox, @BoxSensi, @DailyHighClub and @TheHippieButler. We think these five cannabis subscription boxes are worth the price.

Cannabis subscription boxes are delivered to your door each month bursting with goodies for the canna-connoisseurs across the states.

Note that these boxes do not contain the flower or THC products. If you are into CBD, we have discovered one company that does CBD subscription boxes. (Scroll down to the end of the article)

These companies have partnered with the biggest names in the cannabis industry. The items shipped are carefully curated with an fun monthly theme. Also you get big savings from these subscription boxes. You can get a $29.99 box that has a $100 value.

In no particluar order, take a look below as we take you inside these five cannabis-friendly boxes. Have you tried any monthly canna-boxes? Tell us your experience in the comments below!

Hippie Butler

Hippie Butler Subscription Box

Hippie Butler has got goodies for every type of smoker. The boxes change each month so you always get something unique. You can create your own custom box or you can choose one that fits your smoking style. Some of the boxes they feature are: The Party Favor, Masters Club, Butler Box and Rollers Club.

Price Range: $12 to $130 per month 

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Daily High Club

daily high club
(Courtesy of Daily High Club)

Formerly Dollar High Club, the Daily High Club has boxes with everything from the basic essentials like papers and hemp wicks to premium-shelf accessories. You can even receive a subscription box from them for one dollar. Depending on the frequency of your smoking, they have boxes ranging from “All Natural” to “El Primo”. For December 2018, their El Primo subscription is a Chong Box, a $29.99 box with Tommy Chong products.

Price Range: $1 to $30 per month

420 Goody Box

420 goody box

420 Goody Box has 3 types of subscriptions: The Loot Pack, The Goody Box and The Top Shelf. This monthly box is full of accessories any smoker would need. 420 Goody Box offers glassware bongs, dab rigs, delicious eats for your munchies and so much more.

Price Range: $9 to $80 per month 

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(Courtesy of SensiBox)

SensiBox has two levels of subscription – The SensiBox Original which has 7+ items monthly and The SensiLight carries 5+ items monthly. Both carry a glass piece plus the essentials. What is unique is that each kind is curated For HER and For HIM so you get a gender-tailored smoking experience. You’ll come across jewelry, socks or scarves that are not typically found in a cannabis subscription box.

Price Range: $12 to $35 per month


hemper subscription box copy

You can discover new premium smoking products with a Hemper subscription. Aside from that, they have collaborated with quality brands and celebrities found only in their subscription box. If you want unique boxes, explore the different smoking lifestyles of Lil Debbie, Strain Central, Chef Henny, Madzilla, CustomGrow420 and The Dabbin’ Granny.

Price Range: $29 per month 

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HempleBox – CBD Subscription Box (special mention)

Hemple Subscription Box

With the HempleBox, you can get CBD delivered every month. We haven’t come across CBD subscription boxes and we have only found HempleBox which offers CBD products subscription services. Most of the products in HempleBox are brought to you by CBDVapeJuice. The CBD goodies in the box are about 20-40% off the retail price. They have four types of subscription: Lite, Standard, Premium and Deluxe.

Price Range: $49 to $249 per month 

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