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One – 300×250 Banner Ad on Sidebar of Ganjly pages.

Ad price: $299/month.

The company should provide the banner size 300×250. Please check out creative requirements below.

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Ganjly Creative Requirements for Display Ads

Our rules on creatives are designed to prevent user confusion and to ensure publisher website quality is not degraded as a result of spammy, irrelevant, and/or unethical ads.

• Artwork is to be graphic-based (vs. content-driven) — words may not account for more than 30% of the overall artwork.

• Any creatives with an all-white background must include a dark border/stroke.

• Creatives should remain fairly conservative and not contain references to “weed”, “pot”, “getting high”, etc…

• Creatives cannot contain offers without examples or footnotes that explain how the visitor can take advantage of the offer. For example, if you are offering a free accessory, you must state if purchase is required and when the offer expires.

• If a user is sent to your website from a creative  that contains an offer, your website must make it clear how they can redeem it and visually indicate that the offer is active. For example, you cannot include free gifts in the box when shipping orders without visibly indicating it when the user views their cart or checks out.

• Creatives should not contain overly sexual references or pictures (including but not limited to women in bikinis/underwear, etc).

• File sizes should be under 50KB

Dispensaries, Delivery Services and Infused Products

Because of the type of business you are marketing, it is very important to be careful about the audience you reach and how you engage them. Ganjly requires that all advertisers who fall under these categories adhere to the following:

• Creatives cannot contain images of the cannabis plant as the focal point of the design.

• Creatives cannot use text containing discounts to entice first-time patients.

• Creatives cannot reference prices or deals for specific products, nor lab testing results/data for any advertised products.

• Your website must deploy some type of age verification process or popup.

• Your campaign must be geo-targeted to areas that you can legally sell and service within.

Seed Companies

Due to current U.S. federal law, any seed companies who advertise on Ganjly will be required to adhere to the following:

• Implement an interstitial page shown prior to directing the user to their website. That page must provide any warnings or disclaimers as to the legality of acquiring seeds and any other necessary legal information.

• Creatives should remain fairly conservative and not promote the growing of seeds.

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