Have you heard about cannabis Christmas tree?

In a world that everything seems possible, there are also things that would not fail to amaze us and would give us awestruck reactions. And one of which perhaps, is a cannabis Christmas tree.

It’s Christmastime once again and I bet there are many reasons to celebrate this year. But for those who have been brazen enough to grow their cannabis plants into their own versions of Christmas tree, happy endings haven’t quite come to them in this festive season.

So here are the stories of these cannabis cultivators who haven’t been quite lucky during Christmas time.

1. 46-year-old man in Kent, UK grew a large Christmas tree but ended up spending his festive time in jail.

Ian Richards, 46, grew a large the cannabis plant and made it like festive tree by decorating it with brightly-coloured baubles.

Police eventually found the decorated 5-ft cannabis plant along with a small number of other cannabis plants when they raided his home in Aylesham, Kent in December 2011.

He claimed the plants were for his own personal use, however the police found out that Richards operated the factory in his own home.

Richards spent his Christmas in prison.

2. A German hippie was busted for decorating a 2-metre cannabis plant

A 68-year-old hippie in Germany was arrested after police found a “decorated two-metre cannabis plant, complete with tinsel and twinkling lights.”

The police snooped around the property in Montabaur, near Koblenz, where they found the tall pot plant in the home of the hashish fan.

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As with typical Christmas tradition, the tree is placed with presents under it. But only this time, the Christmas presents are under the decorated cannabis plants.

But when narcotics detectives in the Rhineland-Palatinate region of Germany stumbled across his unusual Christmas tree in a drug bust, they were stunned and cuffed him.

The hippie handed over 150g, or 5.3 ounces, of marijuana during his arrest.

3. 50-year-old mum in Chile arrested for having ‘the best Christmas tree in the world’.

A Chilean mum boasted to her neighbours that she had the ‘best Christmas tree in the world’. But karma really is a bitch when police raided her home and revealed that it wasn’t a typical Christmas tree at all.

Angelica Navarro Pereira, 50, bragged about the three to her neighbour Renato Quinonez Alfaro, 55, who said: “When I spoke to her yesterday (on Dec. 8, 2014) she said her children were going to really enjoy Christmas this year and that she had the best tree in the world.”

Aside from the decorated cannabis plant, Pereira was arrested with £2,500 in cash, 21 cannabis plants, two homemade shotguns and 29 bags of drugs.


This story about a large marijuana plant in Catawba Country in North Carolina may not be about cannabis Christmas tree at all, but police officers had a field day when they found that the man named Kelly Hines, had cannabis plants as tall as Christmas trees in his property.

Neighbors thought the homeowner cultivated tomato plants but the police officers weren’t fooled.

Hines was charged with $66,000 in tax for possessing the cannabis plants after weighing those plants in his property. Police officer confiscated Hine’s lawnmower as compensation for the charges against him.

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North Carolina has partially decriminalized marijuana. Medical and recreational use of the plant is still illegal but those who are busted, will be fined for misdemeanour and may serve jail time.