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29 Cannabis Twitter Accounts You Should be Following

Do you want to stay up-to-date and knowledgeable about the #cannabis world? Keep tabs on the latest cannabis news and entertainment with these weed twitter accounts you need to be following! The list is composed of interesting and noteworthy individuals and companies that we think are worth following.

1. @ganjly420

ganjly twitterAre you following us yet on Twitter? We would like to be one of your top sites for cannabis industry news, reviews, and interviews. We value honest and mindful journalism so we support individuals and companies that share the same values as us. We strive to write the right news.

2. @womengrow

women growLadies, if you are looking for female cannabis leaders, look no further. Women Grow cultivates female cannabis leaders and hosts open leadership summits for empowerment. Women Grow is so awesome.

3. @weedmaps

weed maps

Weedmaps locates local weed shops – including prices, delivery, and reviews. Their Twitter account highlights hot stories like cannabis legalization, medical information, celebrity interviews, and more. The info they give out is very comprehensive.

4. @edrosenthal

ed rosenthal

Ed Rosenthal is a very influential man in the cannabis industry as a leading cannabis horticulture authority. Educator and social activist, he provides access to cannabis news, giveaways, and information. See if he is traveling near you! He has written various books on cannabis and growing pot. Definitely check Ed out.

5. @SnoopDogg

We grew up in the 90’s where Snoop Dogg started singing about weed. He is an activist and a businessman in the cannabis industry. He also tweets funny and interesting information surrounding the cannabis culture.

6. @cannalytic

Do you have an opinion on weed matters, politics, or anything pot-related? Cannalytics welcomes your voice and shares data on people and cannabis. Look at the analytics of cannabis and debate topics.

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While cannabis consumption is fun and relaxing, there is responsibility too. From legislation conflicts to reforming laws, people still need protected rights for cannabis consumption. To help or support, follow NORML. These guys are the real deal in spreading the correct information about cannabis and there are NORML chapters in each state.

8. @CannabisTU

Get educated with Cannabis Training University! It offers classes for the world’s best cannabis education. You can learn everything, from growing to making cannabis cigars. A must-follow if you want to start a career in the cannabis industry

9. @THEMMExchange

Are you looking for cannabis job opportunities, perspectives, and beneficial nationwide news? Medical Marijuana Exchange (MME) is all about directory, marketplace, and news for consumers 21 and older.

10. @MassRoots

Mass Roots was created when different social media networks shut down cannabis accounts, including Mass Roots. They created their own social media network exclusively for cannabis enthusiasts. We all enjoy reading comical memes and miscellaneous health and wellness tips. MassRoots knows this and provides this type of entertainment with access to its leading technology platform.

11. @CannabisCulture

Another candidate for weed twitter accounts you need to be following is Cannabis Culture. From entertainment to activism, you get daily doses of information. Browse featured stores and cannabis lounges too!

12. @gpen

Vaping is convenient, and G Pen is an official spot for Grenco Science. Shop for awesome essentials and get updates on products, specials, and available strains at featured stores. Gpen has top quality vapes.

13. @JoinGreenRush

Do you need a medical marijuana card or want to do online cannabis shopping? JoinGreenRush can help you find local dispensaries and keeps you entertained with relatable entertainment and stories.

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14. @whaxyapp

If you are in the business of cannabis, Whaxy is a must to follow. From offering business management tools and relevant news, you’ll want to stay in the loop.

15. @whoopiandmaya

Are you searching for medical cannabis products with trustable quality? Whoopi and Maya are influential people in cannabis and have you covered! Keep track of their local whereabouts and shop online!

16. @EdiblesList

Edibles are a great alternative to smoking. The Edibles List Magazine is a top source for edible reviews alongside information on dispensaries and cannabis doctors.

17. @dailyhighclub

It’s difficult for newbies to navigate cannabis consumption and techniques. Thankfully, the Daily High Club offers delivery of smoking supply boxes and informational news to use.

18. @HempLifeGlobal

Hemp Life Global has a mission of sharing and educating the healing powers of medical cannabis. Keep in touch with how it is connecting and informing communities by helping kids, cancer patients, veterans, and more!

19. @drdabber

Vaping requires equipment that’s sleek, travel-friendly, and dab efficient. Dr. Dabber sells premium pens designed for consumption enhancement like increasing flavor and decreased heat. Follow for product details.

20. @MarijuanaPosts

Some people solely want entertainment and Marijuana Posts delivers. Enjoy hours of comical entertainment from memes, jokes, GIFs, and more all about smoking.

21. @thehippiebutler

Who doesn’t love receiving a box of goodies? Hippie Butler has a club offering a premium subscription for boxes housing smoking essentials. Get discount codes and box highlights.

22. @MarijuanaPolicy

Ever wondered why alcohol is less restricted than cannabis? MPP Marijuana Policy has and is working for systematic regulation of marijuana. Keep track of related news and involvement.

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23. @CannabisNow

Cannabis iTunes users get the best of both worlds with Cannabis Now’s cannabis magazine in iTunes! Enjoy bi-monthly print and digital publication discussing topics around the cannabis industry.


Most of us want to know what’s going on in both politics and entertainment. From ticket sales for the Cannabis Cup to cannabis evolution, Hight Times has a lot to talk about.

25. @vapeworld

Everyone loves giveaways and discounts on smoking essentials. Vape World offers information for saving on your purchases and shares reviews for finding the best products.

26. @cbdforlife

Medical users need products that are trustworthy and have high-performance quality. CBD For Life offers medical products with researched formulas for health and beauty needs.

27. @HERBworthy

We all could use smoking tips, from down-low apartment smoking to storage and flavor maximization. Herb can guide you in awesome tips for free smoking living and entertainment.

28. @bovedaInc

Have you ever wondered how you should store cannabis and at what humidity? Satisfy wondering thoughts with Boveda Inc. by reading about the correct way to store food and herbs.

29. @HealthMJ

Medical cannabis has been helping cancer patients exponentially. If you or someone you know wants to learn how cannabis can help fight cancer, join HealthMJ’s community for information and support.

Bonus: @RadicalRuss

The last in our list of influential people in the cannabis industry you should follow is Russ Belville. Listen to weekly podcasts and follow information of radical standpoints in cannabis use.

There is a world of influential people and noteworthy companies in the cannabis community to follow and support. Did we miss anyone? Let us know in the comments section.

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