Wednesday, September 22, 2021

4 Key Guidelines in Growing Cannabis Indoors on a Budget

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As several states pass laws to legalize cannabis, there is an increased desire for growing cannabis indoors. It can be expensive if you get the top quality grow light, tent, and other essentials. For beginners, the starting budget might not be that high. But it can be quite an easy and inexpensive method if you find the perfect balance in lighting, soil nutrients, and proper ventilation which are the fundamental aspects of growing cannabis indoors.

Importance of Good Grow Lights

Lighting determines the quality of your plants, so it’s essential always to give your plants proper lighting. There are several kinds of lighting to choose from ranging from high-intensity discharge (HID) grow lights to LED grow lights which are cheap, but less effective.

If you can’t afford LED grow lights, then you can benefit from lighting from the sun. All you have to do is build a window facing the sun and allow your cannabis plants to get direct sunlight. Growers who expose their plants to full sun all day will get higher yields.  For a more comprehensive list of the best grow lights and cannabis seeds, head on over to

Importance of Good Cannabis Soil

Soil is the fundamental way of growing cannabis, and it’s recommended for beginner growers. Cannabis plants can thrive under specific environmental conditions, and your garden soil or any nearby soil may not meet the criteria for indoor cannabis growing.

Beginner growers who want to save money have to budget on good soil as the best growing medium. Good soil will need little or no nutrients to yield healthy plants. Other grow mediums include hydroponics which requires a constant supply of nutrients.

Importance of Nutrients

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The cannabis plant grows like any other plant, which means it needs nutrients to thrive. The primary nutrient required for the cannabis plant to thrive is Nitrogen. Other nutrients may also be needed but in small quantities.

A sufficient supply of nutrients leads to healthy cannabis plants as well as a successful harvest. When shopping for nutrients in a local gardening store, make sure to buy nutrients made for edible plants. Nutrients made for edible plants should work well on cannabis. Some flower feeds may contain chemicals you don’t want in your body, but if it’s made for an edible crop, it should be safe for use in cannabis.

The primary nutrients for successful growth are mostly composed of Nitrogen, Potassium, and Phosphorous. These nutrients can be used by growers who want higher yields and healthier cannabis plants. However, if you’re on a budget and can’t buy these nutrients, you can use organic soil bought from your local DIY store, which already has the additional nutrients. This is the key to essential and organic indoor growing.

Good Ventilation and Airflow

Finally, we have ventilation and airflow. Your growing space requires a high level of ventilation to facilitate the exchange of air and photosynthesis. There exist several ways for plants to receive air, and these can range from having large windows to having fans and vents.

Using narrow spaces to grow cannabis indoors may hinder ventilation, and prompt lower yield in the long run. Therefore, indoor cannabis growers should always ensure to have fans and vents to facilitate airflow, especially in humid conditions. Larger grow rooms will require more vents and fans, while smaller grow rooms may need two or more fans and vents.

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