We honestly involve ourselves with cannabis activism so that there will be widespread acceptance of the marijuana, hemp cultivation and commercial distribution of strains. It is our commitment. We’d be glad to share what we believe are the positive sides of marijuana. But we also have to be fair in what we post here.

Yes, we do accept that marijuana is a drug. But if you let bigotry or ignorance consume you, you could, perhaps, be among those who want to delay the setting up of dispensaries and enactment of the recently passed legislation just like what has been happening in Maine and Massachusetts.

Cannabis activism is very much alive now more than ever. That’s one of the primary reasons why we have this online publishing site to help inform more people about what cannabis is and what is advantageous about it.

Instead of giving you the rundown– which may appear as if we’re blabbing here– we want to organize our thoughts and share with you the list of reasons why we must get involved in cannabis activism and why you should too.

Starting off with…

1. Making cannabis and cannabis-derived products more accessible to patients that require immediate medication for certain conditions such as epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and cancer.

hemp seeds

Cannabis is a medicine. The cannabinoid compound present in the cannabis species is very beneficial for people with cancer, certain skin condition, epilepsy and other conditions.

Even the THC, which is the compound that would make users get that feeling of high, has been found out to be a potential treatment for sexual dysfunction.

Numerous studies have been conducted to ascertain the benefits of cannabis. And positive results have been documented.

Marijuana is not just a recreational drug used for egotistical purposes. It is more advantageous than what many have thought about it. So presumptions about cannabis should, once and for all, be clear and corrected.

Also, classifying cannabis, even the cannabis oil, as a Schedule 1 drug is as absurd as legalizing tobacco listed as the primary cause of lung cancer and among other illnesses.

2. Making hemp a more viable source for industrial and commercial materials for making paper, textiles and other consumer goods. 

cannabis farm

The industrial hemp, which is also known as cannabis sativa, can be a feasible source for paper.

Instead of cutting trees to make the cellular pulps for materials used in wiping off dirt and sh#t and writing and drawing, the industrial hemp is more advantageous economically and ecologically.

It is good news when we know that states such as Rhode Island and Kentucky have statutes allowing farmers to cultivate hemp and cannabis strains for industrial and commercial purposes.

But we’d be gladder when more states have laws that would allow cultivation of hemp. Think of the economic benefits the industrial hemp could bring to a state’s economy or the nation’s economy.

Visualize also the production of more cannabis oil and hempseed, which is known to be a superfood.

Cannabis sativa has more benefits than many are unaware of.

Can we have bills in every state making cannabis sativa a legal plant for cultivation and commercial use?

3. Making ourselves, yourself, align with the stars.

Ganjly vaporizer

More and more celebrities have come out and shared their fancy about cannabis. We have Snoop Dogg, who is, perhaps, the first celebrity to have his own mainstream brand of cannabis products.

Rihanna is very vocal in her love for marijuana as shown in many of her Instagram pics.

We also have Sting, Morgan Freeman and Susan Sarandon.

Some celebrities are nonchalant with their use of marijuana that they may not be aware of how this could influence their fans.

But, of course, their candid use of the strains, the substance is just a way to show that there is nothing wrong with cannabis. It’s just that the existing laws make it a very serious matter.

4. Making more people informed about cannabis.

fitness with cannabis

I think we have said it from the start that we want more people to know the benefit and the plus sides of cannabis and its uses.

Many ancient religions used cannabis for entheogenic purpose as recorded in history.

Sometimes, it puzzles me why people in the early 20th century ever thought of outlawing cannabis. Is there something wrong really with it or is there a more profit-oriented, egotistical, self-serving reason of the cannabis ban?

Outlawing of cannabis happened during the time when people’s voices were not considered because of authoritarian rule.

Thankfully, we are in this era that more and more voices can be heard. And that many people have been awakened once they see and even tried how cannabis really works for them.

Our purpose here is also to bring down any misinformation about the herb. We want to erase the notion that marijuana is a gateway drug though there is a tendency for people to use other more illicit and harder drug substances after trying marijuana.

One of the reasons people turn to other drugs is because of the assumption that they could already defy the law when they use marijuana. And so, they would then think and say, “yeah, it’s possible for me to try other drugs because I already did it with marijuana”.

What many people forget to consider is that nicotine and alcohol are more prime culprits as gateway drugs than marijuana. And they are regarded as legal but they bring in more fatalities.

The bottom line

Aside from the medical benefits of marijuana, which is one of the prime reasons for many cannabis activists clamoring for cannabis legalization, the economic benefit can also be regarded.

However, we don’t want to appear as we are after the profits in making cannabis legal. But the tax dollars generated from the revenues of cannabis cultivation and sales can be used for government functions.

There could be a more developed society from cannabis industry that is poised to bring billions of dollars in the coffers of the government as what the experts have estimated.

billion dollar crop

So now, after knowing the reasons why we must get involved in cannabis activism, have you made up your mind and be with us in this movement?

Share with us your thoughts.