Have you enabled the Weed Buddy on your Alexa app?

This may be the first time you have probably heard about Weed Buddy. But what I can tell you is that it is not just anybody, physically, that you can interact with when you wish to have a companion with you to smoke hashish or a joint. But the interaction part has a truth on it and the Alexa attached to it has its reason.

The fact of the matter is that it is a fairly new thing in the cannabis world. But once you find more about Weed Buddy and learn more about how it can do things unimaginable, you will surely have that amazing look or feel within you. I know it because I have had that similar feeling when I first stumbled upon it.

Since the release of Amazon Echo, the wonderful smart speaker where you can interact with Alexa, many households and individuals  have learned many new things aside from being entertained. It is like a new way to get through an encyclopedia about curious subjects without having to read the heavy hardbound book or browse through the mobile phone.

Alexa Weed Buddy
screengrab from Weed Buddy Instagram

You can just say “Alexa, tell Weed Buddy to inform me more about Blue Dream,” and then the speaker would act like your virtual assistant, relaying you the details about the strain. Yes, it’s like Siri on the iPhone or even MacBook now, but it is on a fantastic smart speaker, a handy one if you refer about the new Amazon Echo Dot.

To enlighten you more about Alexa Weed Buddy, here are the 4 things that would help you load information about this new thing you can get from Amazon.

1.Weed Buddy is an Alexa skill for the cannabis industry delivering trending news from Ganjly.

That’s right. It is a skill you can enable at Alexa app or through the Amazon Store website.

It is developed by Care Package Club and is perhaps, the first and only skill that you can integrate at Alexa app about the cannabis industry. Weed Buddy has partnered with Ganjly in the sense that you can ask “what is happening in the community?” And Alexa will reply with the latest news from Ganjly.

2. Weed Buddy can help you learn more about marijuana strains.

You can grow your knowledge about the herb, cannabis and the many strains that are distributed in the cannabis market today.

Imagine getting information from a virtual assistant through a speaker about the Blue Dream and what strain with the fruity flavor that you like to smoke or to use on a vape.

Weed Buddy boasts of having a wide marijuana strain database so you can learn not just the Blue Dream or the Kush, but a whole lot of strains commercially available in the market.

3. Weed Buddy is not just for the users of Amazon Echo or Dot, it also caters to businesses in the cannabis industry.

To expand the database of marijuana strains, including the directory of dispensaries, the developer of this Alexa skill is reaching out to businesses to derive at win-win deals for the cannabis industry.

Visit this page for more information about how the Weed Buddy can be a great Alexa skill for the cannabis industry.

4. The Weed Buddy can be enabled through the Alexa app.

I think, I have mentioned it. But this is just to remind that can you enable this Alexa skill for free through the Alexa app that you can install at Google Play Store for Android device or at iStore for iOs devices. 

You may also check the Amazon store website to learn more about how to enable Weed Buddy so Alexa on your Dot speaker can now relay to you information about your favorite weed.

As you can see on the website of Weed Buddy, the skill or the app can be integrated through the Alexa App or even through Google. But, let’s focus more about how you can be more knowledgeable about cannabis from Alexa.

I will ask this again. Have you installed the Weed Buddy on your Alexa app?

Share us your experience and review in the comment section below.