Looking for 420 Day Events and Promotions? Don’t have anything planned yet on this epic day? We have compiled the best activities, in-store events and online promos from various cannabis companies.


Large research poll commissioned with PSB Research, which they do every year just before 4/20.
On 4/20 week, they’re hosting the End of Prohibition Party at the Montalban Theatre in Hollywood: a private rooftop screening of Reefer Madness and a live performance by jazz band Lizzy and the Triggerman.
It’s a consumption-friendly event with a lot of cool sponsors lined up for it.

Hydrology9 by Cloudious9

Head on over to their website and get $50 off their innovative Hydrology9 vaporizer with a free replacement glass and leather case.


Ultimate 420 Vaporizer Bundle: Buy an IQ vaporizer and receive a free carrying case, free grinder card and free glove. All new accessories! 
For their Original DaVinci: Take $30 off, and buy now for only $99.

Dipstick Vapes

Customer deal and  wholesale package deal on their website: customer saves 25% and stores 20%.
They just premiered their special edition “Ocean Blue” Dipper vaporizer, from which 5% of sales proceeds are donated to an oceanic conservancy charity.
Dipstick Vapes Staff will be at local 4/20 events in Denver, CO.


On 4/19 they are hosting a Food and Film Festival at LA State Historic Park from 5:30pm onward, including full bar, food trucks, and music. Set to show Half Baked. 
On 4/20 to 4/22 They will be setting up in dispensaries around Los Angeles.


They just launched their online SingleSeed store with CBD products including vitamins, gel, and dog treats.

Keef Brands

Keef Brands will be engaging in over 40 in-store events across CO, and they are planning on launching Keef Brands in Nevada over the holiday. 
They also have partnered with Dope Magazine and Denver’s Tetra Lounge on 4/20 & 4/21 to provide transportation and a safe place for people to consume cannabis out of the public eye.


Ardent will conduct a demo at Dr. Chanda Macias’ dispensary, National Holistic, then serve as a judge at the CannaTank at the NCF on Saturday. The company’s CEO was the winner of the inaugural CannaTank two years ago.

Barbary Coast

Barbary Coast will be hosting an all-day speakeasy vendor extravaganza in their lounge. To gain entrance, make any purchase and pay the $1 entrance fee to receive a wristband & receipt for immediate entry. 
No all-day in & outs due to expected large crowds. Vendors will host a mix of educational information and sampling. Budtenders will be standing by to supply last-minute purchases of sampled items.

Dr. Dabber

Dr. Dabber will have a 25% off store-wide as part of their 420 Sale. They also have a new 4/20 Family Bundle available for sale here, featuring the complete Dr. Dabber lineup.
On 4/20 Only: You get a free Ghost with purchase of $200 or more, free Budder Cutter with purchase of $100 or more, free honey mats with purchase of $50 or more.

The Blinc Group

They are hosting a demo of their filling machine at the 4/20 Cannabis Cup in San Bernardino.


Vapium will be demoing at Hyer’s Big-E Rig at the 4/20 San Bernardino Cannabis Cup. 


-Attending BAYKED event in San Diego on 4/20, premiering their April 4/20 issue: https://issuu.com/potsaversd/docs/pot_saver_san_diego_april_2018
Let us know if we missed other 420 events! Be safe always and keep lit!