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4/20 Essentials: 19 Must-Have Gifts for the Cannabis Connoisseur

As April 20th rolls around, the anticipation and excitement among cannabis enthusiasts reach their peak. 4/20, a day celebrated worldwide by marijuana aficionados, symbolizes not just a time for communal enjoyment but also a moment to reflect on the strides made toward cannabis legalization and acceptance.

It’s a day marked by gatherings, festivals, and, of course, indulging in the plant that brings so many people together. Each year, the celebrations become more elaborate, with individuals seeking new and innovative ways to honor this special day. From backyard sessions with close friends to large-scale events featuring music, art, and education about cannabis culture, 4/20 has evolved into a true holiday in its own right, embodying the spirit of unity and freedom.

In tandem with the growing popularity of 4/20 celebrations, this year sees the launch of an array of exciting new products designed to enhance the cannabis experience. Whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur or new to the scene, the market is buzzing with innovative offerings.

From state-of-the-art vaporizers that promise the purest inhalation experience to gourmet edibles that tantalize the taste buds, there’s something for everyone. Not to mention, the latest in cannabis-infused skincare and wellness products that highlight the plant’s therapeutic properties.

These new additions are not just about consumption; they’re about elevating the overall experience of 4/20, making it more enjoyable, inclusive, and sophisticated. As the cannabis industry continues to evolve, these products stand at the forefront of innovation, promising to make this year’s 4/20 celebrations the most memorable yet.

And since pot is not legal in all states, we included CBD gifts that are noteworthy as well.


LAX Packs

lax packs

Dive into the heart of Los Angeles’s cannabis culture with LAX Packs, a brand that has been revolutionizing the scene since its inception in 2018. Brought to life by a tight-knit group of friends who grew up on the West Side, LAX Packs is not just a brand; it’s a testament to the enduring spirit and innovation of the LA market. Recognized globally, yet deeply rooted in the traditions of its home city, LAX Packs has been on a mission to elevate the cannabis experience since 2009. By tirelessly crafting, hunting, and handpicking unparalleled exotic strains, LAX Packs ensures its catalog remains at the cutting edge, meeting the high expectations of cannabis aficionados everywhere. The secret behind their success lies in their sophisticated cultivation techniques, honed over years to produce pure, potent flowers that have captivated both the Los Angeles and Bay Area markets. If you find yourself in California, seeking an authentic taste of what true cannabis enthusiasts rave about, LAX Packs is your go-to destination.

M.L.T.9 Portable Rolling Tray Survival Kit

M.L.T.9 Portable Rolling Tray Survival Kit

Discover the ultimate companion for 4/20 celebrations with the innovative Cloudious9 Mobile Lap Tray (MLT), a standout accessory designed for aficionados who prioritize mobility and precision in their consumption rituals. Crafted from space-grade premium aluminum, the MLT showcases a sleek, easy-to-clean surface that enhances your rolling experience, even while on the move. Its thoughtful design includes a raised edge to keep your materials securely in place, alongside a luxuriously soft leather surface that adds a touch of comfort and class to its external appeal. What sets the MLT apart is its versatility; it unfolds into a flat, open design, offering the expansive utility of a desktop tray for all your storage needs, and transforms into a compact, portable kit when closed. This one-of-a-kind accessory merges the functionality of a rolling tray with the convenience of a portable storage solution, providing a refined and efficient way to organize your cannabis essentials. Elevate your daily ritual with the Cloudious9 Mobile Lap Tray and enjoy a seamlessly sophisticated rolling experience that blends convenience with luxury.

Koi THCa Flowers

koi thca flowers

Experience the pinnacle of wellness innovation with Koi’s latest offering: Koi THCA Flower. This groundbreaking flower propels users to unparalleled heights of mood enhancement and wellness, presented in its purest plant form. Koi prides itself on meticulously cultivating and harvesting hemp-derived cannabinoid strains, each imbued with high THC potency for a transcendent experience. The Koi THCA Flower stands out as a revolutionary wellness alternative, boasting a federally legal status across the U.S.A., and is crafted for those in pursuit of an elevated sense of enlightenment. Dive into a diverse spectrum of strains, from the energy-boosting sativas, and calming indicas, to the perfect equilibrium found in hybrids. Koi THCA Flower promises a euphoric journey of discovery with each variant, characterized by unique, enthralling aromas, delectable flavors, and a rich profile of terpenes. These premium quality strains are tailored to enhance your wellness regimen, offering a sublime relaxation that caters to both connoisseurs and those new to the world of hemp-derived cannabinoids. Embrace the essence of nature’s finest with Koi THCA Flower – your key to a deeply satisfying, all-natural wellness adventure.

O.Pen Mushroom Garden 510 Battery and De-stress CBD Bundle


Experience the pinnacle of vaping with the O.pen 2.0, a device where elegance meets efficiency. This best-selling 510-thread vape pen battery highlights a 20-minute rapid charger, revolutionizing convenience in vaping. The O.pen 2.0 stands out with its sleek, compact design. It’s the ideal choice for vapers who demand control and customization, featuring four adjustable voltage modes for a tailored experience, from subtle flavors to intense richness. The device’s draw-activated mechanism ensures a smooth, effortless session, free from buttons or complications. Perfect for both aficionados and newcomers, the O.pen 2.0 redefines the vaping experience, offering a blend of sophistication and functionality that elevates every moment. With the O.pen 2.0, you’re not just vaping; you’re curating your perfect vape.

RYOT All in One 420 Snapper

all in one 420 kit

The All-in-One Snapper 420 Kit by Ryot is a revolutionary pocketable smoking accessory, offering a unique combination of features. Completely smellproof and weatherproof, it ensures your herbs and papers remain safe and unnoticed. With a built-in grinder in the lid, a one-hitter for discreet smoking, a poker tool for unclogging and adjusting, and RYOT papers included, it’s perfect for on-the-go use. Priced at just $9 each, it’s an affordable addition to your smoking arsenal. Slim, compact, and easily fitting in your pocket, it’s the ultimate solution for quick, measured smoking experiences wherever life takes you.

Dr. Dabber Switch

dr dabber switch

Dr. Dabber® redefines the vaporizer experience with the Dr. Dabber Switch™. This device allows you to fully control your vaping experience without compromising on power or performance. The Switch™ is remarkably capable, of handling any dry herb with ease. It offers 25 distinct heat settings, catering to all users, from casual enthusiasts to true connoisseurs. Transitioning seamlessly between a premium flower vaporizer and a potent concentrate powerhouse is as easy as flipping a switch. Additionally, the Self-Cleaning Mode incorporates induction heating inside a glass encasement for hassle-free maintenance. The Dr. Dabber Switch™ utilizes patent-pending induction technology that heats up in under 10 seconds setting a new standard in vaping technology.

Countdown Energy Drinks (10mg THC)

Countdown energy drink

COUNTDOWN™ has recently launched its innovative product, COUNTDOWN ENERGY, blending the invigorating properties of caffeine with the relaxing effects of THC. This new beverage contains 10mg of hemp-derived THC and 100mg of caffeine. What sets COUNTDOWN ENERGY apart is its fusion of caffeine with THC, creating a euphoric yet energizing experience ideal for various activities. Each can is a carbonated, all-natural drink sweetened with cane sugar and contains less than 50 calories. Consumers can feel the effect within 10-15 minutes, with the buzz lasting up to 90 minutes. Available in three tantalizing flavors—Berry Force Energy, Cosmic Lemonade, and Orange Blast—COUNTDOWN ENERGY promises a thrilling and functional beverage experience.

High 90’s “Girls Who Toke” Hoodie

high 90s girls who toke hoodie

Discover HIGH 90’S, California’s leading cannabis brand, renowned for its exceptional range of top-quality cannabis goods and merchandise inspired by ’90s nostalgia. This brand prides itself on a meticulous, hands-on quality assurance process, personally sampling each product before it’s available for purchase. For a perfect 420 celebration, explore their selection of all-in-one disposable vapes, available in 15 enticing flavors. Additionally, don’t miss out High 90’s Unisex Hoodie. Featuring the bold statement “Girls Who Toke,” this hoodie is not only eye-catching but also incredibly comfortable, both inside and out. It’s an ideal pick for both style and substance.

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Vessel’s Ash (Lidded Ashtray)

vessel ash

The lidded ashtray Ash, from Vessel combines functionality with a sleek design. This robust ashtray, crafted from concrete, ensures durability and resistance to breakage, even if dropped. It features a smooth, easy-to-clean surface that adds to its aesthetic appeal. Notably, Vessel’s Ash includes a handy lower compartment designed to neatly hold smoking essentials such as a one-hitter, a lighter, and your stash. It is compatible with most one-hitter sizes and lighters. The lidded design offers the convenience of smoking on the move, effectively containing smoke odors and debris, thereby maintaining a discreet and tidy smoking experience. Secure your smoking materials and enjoy a mess-free session wherever you go with the Ash.

Shine Papers 24K Gold Cone and Rolling Papers

Shine 24k gold rolling paper

The perfect 420 gift for yourself or for someone who smokes. Shine Papers created the first-ever cones and king-size rolling papers that are made from 24k edible gold. Blaze up in style and get everyone’s head-turning with these luxury goodies. It’s made with a hemp blend base for the smoothest burn. You deserve to smoke in pleasure.

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WYNK Seltzer Variety Pack

wynk starter pack

Celebrate 4/20 with the WYNK Seltzer Variety Pack. WYNK offers a low-dose, hemp-derived THC:CBD seltzer focused on promoting wellness through social engagement. Each drink contains zero calories and zero sugar, crafted with natural flavors. The selection features Black Cherry, Lime Twist, Juicy Mango, and Tangerine flavors. These are available in both 2.5 mg and 5 mg doses, served in 7.5oz and 12oz cans respectively. The variety pack comprises three six-packs, each containing the delightful flavors of Black Cherry Fizz, Lime Twist, and Juicy Mango. The WYNK variety pack ensures a gentle, effervescent experience that caters to all taste preferences.

Banana Bros. Otto Grinder

otto grinder

This is such a wonderful invention and a great gift idea. The folks at Banana Bros. created the world’s first automatic smart rolling machine. The Otto Grinder grounds your herbs to uniform perfection with its spring-loaded grinder that imitates human hand-grinding gestures. It is portable, compact, and rechargeable. The Otto comes with 20 premium cones, a small measuring cup, and other accessories. Take it with you everywhere and roll the perfect joint quickly and conveniently. Have a PAX 3 or a desktop vape? You can grind flowers with the Otto and use the O-funnel attachment that can distribute the grounded herb into a bowl.

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Housing Works Cannabis Co “Make Love Not Drug War” Hoodie

housing works cannabis co hoodie copy

Support the voices of those unjustly incarcerated, foundational to the cannabis industry, with the “Make Love, Not Drug War” hoodie by Housing Works Cannabis Co. Every purchase aids Housing Works, a New York City-based nonprofit committed to advocacy and justice for everyone. Established in 1990 by activists, Housing Works has long advocated for safe housing for those with AIDS and uplifts communities impacted by the war on drugs. Housing Works Cannabis Co. proudly offers products from LGBTQ+, BIPOC, and women-led brands, recognizing the disproportionate impact of drug laws on these groups. This hoodie is not only stylish and comfortable but also makes a powerful statement, especially during 4/20 celebrations.


Marijuana Garden Saver Book by Ed Rosenthal

marijuana garden saver ed rosenthal copy

Ed Rosenthal has done it again. He has written a comprehensive field guide to growing cannabis. Read his latest book Marijuana Garden Saver and learn how to grow great cannabis. The book covers topics like nutrients, how to solve pest invasion, what to do when diseases like algae strike, environmental stresses, and other cannabis problems. This book is very educational and is perfect for the pot smoker who wants to start growing cannabis.

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