Wednesday, September 22, 2021

5 Interesting Cannabis Gifts for the Holiday

With Christmas coming up, we have put together five cannabis gift ideas for the cannabis enthusiast. These are unique and interesting products in the cannabis market. Check them out below.

  1. Cannabis Leaf Jewelry Tree

cannabis leaf jewelry tree

This is a perfect gift for the cannabis woman. Display and organize your jewelry with My Bud Life’s Cannabis Leaf Jewelry Tree. Hang your earrings or bracelets or place your car keys on the dish. It can also be used as a tabletop holiday tree. The gold venation of a cannabis leaf is rooted in a round ivory ceramic dish. Pre-rolls not included but we’re pretty sure she might have her own.

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2. Rise and Set CBD Roll-on Topical Duo


New Highs has created CBD Roll-ons formulated with peppermint essential oil, ylang-ylang flowers and organically grown US hemp CBD. Peppermint has been known to help for headache relief, controlling blood flow, and opening sinuses, to provide a refreshed boost to your morning routine. Apply a thin layer on the desired area as an on-the-go relief throughout the day. We personally like to apply it to the temples of the forehead. 

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3. G CBD High Potency Wellness Gift Set


G CBD high potency wellness set

A perfect gift for any CBD lover is the G CBD High Potency Wellness Gift Set. It was put together with the CBD enthusiast in mind. The set is a collaboration of the best brands in the CBD industry.

Contents of the CBD Wellness Set

* G CBD High Potency Tincture, 750mg

* G CBD Soothing Lavender and Eucalyptus CBD Salve, 500mg

* Natural Recovery Greens, Single Serve Packet

* The CBD Jotter by Goldleaf, CBD Wellness Logbook

* Silverton Stashlogix, tan color

* Odor Absorbing Pax (activated bamboo carbon)

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4. MagicalButter Compound Chocolates

magical butter compound chocolates

MagicalButter Compound Chocolates is the perfect companion when you are making cannabis edibles. The gluten-free chocolates are not infused with CBD or THC and they come in three varieties: milk chocolate, white chocolate and dark chocolate. It is easy to add to cannabis butter and oils and there is no tempering required. This is the perfect gift for cannabis chefs. Give the gift of chocolates at

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5. Luck by My Bud Vase

luck my bud vase

If you haven’t tried out My Bud Vase yet, you’re missing out. My Bud Vase crafts beautiful vase bongs for the cannabis smoker. They are discrete and can be displayed openly in any room of your house. One signature vase that we particularly like is Luck. The three-piece set is simple yet elegant. It is combination of a matching blue and white porcelain vase, stash container and coaster. It also comes with a clear bubble bowl, fern leaf stem poker and small white foam flowers.

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