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5 Views of Sebastian Marincolo That Compel Us to Admire the Cannabis Philosopher

The various personalities that comprise the whole community of cannabis activists, deliver different ways, methods and channels to voice out their views about cannabis matters and their desire to make cannabis legal and accessible to individuals without the fear of being imprisoned.

If we pick among the increasing number of public figures who have spoken out their aspiration to reclassify cannabis as a legitimate commodity for medical and recreational uses, there would be one we can point out for his philosophical aptitude.

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Sebastian Marincolo could be less popular than Jack Herer, the Emperor of Hemp, but his in-depth views about cannabis, industrial hemp and the benefits and effects of cannabis to users would make us think that a cannabis philosopher truly exists in this generation.

While there are personalities bask in the glow of their celebrity status as their medium to influence people and society to change their views about cannabis, there are a few people in the increasing roster of activists who wish to disseminate the rationale and theories of cannabis benefits, providing impetus to researchers to conduct more compelling and positively impressionable studies about the plant and substance that is currently at the center of debates in many states and jurisdictions in North America and other countries.

We can count Marincolo as one of the personalities who encourage us to open our minds more fully about what the herb really is and what it can affect us if we accept it into our system.

Marincolo, a 50-something philosopher who is currently based in Germany, delivers a systematic blow of ideas that could spin the beliefs of people and could stimulate a possible form of enlightenment about cannabis.

Though we still have to find an elegant time to read his book, High, his essays about cannabis, however, are compelling enough that they could be catalysts for change in the stone-cold beliefs of many people whose perception about cannabis is antiquated and can be grouped in the insolent level in the hierarchy of civilization.

We wish to be more precise and detailed about his beliefs, but we believe we don’t have that luxury and the right to point each bullet of information that could be valuable for cannabis enthusiasts.

Although we can paraphrase his views and express his opinions in a manner that is still respectful to the cannabis philosopher, we would like to highlight instead the statements and paragraphs that have moved us and that, we believe,  could give encouragement for cannabis novices to pursue their enthusiasm in a more balanced way.

(c) Sebastián Marincolo 2016

Here are the quotes from Sebastian Marincolo’s essays that may lead us into a sort of epiphany and enlightenment about marijuana.

1. Marijuana and sex

“How can a marijuana high enhance sex– if used with skills and knowledge under favorable circumstances? My short answer is: in many more ways as are usually cited. Even experts strongly underrate the wide spectrum of psychological effects of a marijuana high. I call this spectrum the psychological “effect-bouquet” of the high. The high affects a whole range of cognitive and physiological functions, from episodic memory, attention, and pattern recognition to the alteration of our sense of time, the perception of our body, imagination, creative thinking, and empathic understanding. Each of these functions can play a crucial role in the enhancement of sexual encounters.”

That gives us an insight into the role of marijuana in enhancing sexual pleasure. This is from the essay: What a High Can Do for Sex.

2. Marijuana for Escapism

“We all need to escape from our daily routines once in a while. We go on vacations, play tennis, or relax sipping on a glass of wine. Many marijuana users focus on the here-and-now to forget about their daily routines and worries during a high. There is nothing wrong with those little escapes – as long as they help to lead a happy life.”

The lines remind us of the initial purpose of recreational users. This is from the essay: Marijuana, Escapism and Mind Traveling

3. Marijuana and mind-traveling

“Instead of using marijuana solely for the purpose of relaxation, to stimulate appetite, or to enjoy the euphoria of a high, users start to mind-travel on marijuana and to use these enhancements to compose music, to get creative in the kitchen, to come to a better understanding of their friends, to generate scientific or personal insights, or to make love. They are not going around in circles anymore like many escapists, but instead use marijuana productively to mind-travel and to personally grow. These users describe marijuana as a huge enhancement in their lives.”

Is it really possible to attain mind-traveling while on a high? What have you experienced during the high state?

This is from the essay: Marijuana, Escapism and Mind Traveling

4. Marijuana and its mind-enhancing effect

“It is time to openly address the issue and to talk about the mind- and life-enhancing potential of marijuana: What is the positive potential of the marijuana high as an altered state of consciousness? How can a high be used to enhance various thought processes and activities? How much can it mean to individuals? And how much of a positive impact did the use (not abuse) of marijuana as a mind-enhancer have on human culture and history?”

This is perhaps, one of the best reasons why people should access cannabis. The mind-enhancing effect may tell us that marijuana can improve intelligence and creativity.

The lines are from the essay: Cannabis, Mind Enhancement and Culture.

5. The Influence of Marijuana on the Evolution of Jazz and Jazz Musicians

“How much did marijuana influence the early evolution of jazz? Many historians clearly see a connection, but usually underrate the profound influence of the marijuana high on the development of jazz – for at least two reasons. First, they underrate the complexity of the marijuana high and, connectedly, its many positive uses by musicians. Second, the marijuana high affected not only individual performances. It was crucially involved in the evolution of the rebellious sub-cultural new lifestyle of which jazz was an expression.”

In this essay, Vipers, Muggles and the Evolution of Jazz, we are given a glimpse of the struggles of black musicians and their use of marijuana as medical relief for post-traumatic stress and in enhancing their creativity.

(c) Sebastián Marincolo 2016

The Cannabis Philosopher

Sebastian Marincolo is indeed a cannabis philosopher who puts theories and hypotheses in a subjective manner, aiding cannabis enthusiasts and even oppositions to comprehend the lifestyle of cannabis users and to be more understanding about the effects of marijuana. The objective aspects of his essays illuminate us of empirical factors that are seemingly valid to be used as arguments in cannabis legalization debates.

Why cannabis has been continually suppressed in modern society despite its proven benefits and advantages, not only for therapeutic purposes but also in enhancing the cognitive functions of humans is baffling and downright absurd. However, in the mind-enhancing factor, an implication arises questioning the government’s purpose of continually suppressing the population and keeping them from legally accessing marijuana.

If you wish to read more about the contents of the essays, a visit to this page may compel you to give us gratitude for introducing Sebastian Marincolo to your life as you explore more about cannabis.

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