5 Reasons Why You should Skip the Dispensary and Grow your Own


Our northern neighbors in Canada just gave a thumbs-up to the use of cannabis as a recreational drug, and everyone is buzzing.

Over the last few days, thousands of people have flocked into dispensaries looking for their share of dank buds, and it is easy to see why; recreational cannabis use has been banned for far too long, and it’s just about time people went out and grabbed a few ounces legally.

While everyone is scrambling to buy in Canada, there is news of shortages and low-quality products.

In states where recreational pot is available, medicinal cannabis has gone to the wayside.

Patients are having a harder time finding medical cannabis when it’s become so popular to grow for the recreational market. 

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Many are thinking about growing their own stash at home, and that comes with its benefits. If you are one of that lot, below are some of the perks you are likely to reap.

  1. Choice of quality

When you drive out to your local dispensary, you can only grab whatever is available there at the time.

The best thing about growing cannabis in the comfort of your home is that you have the freedom to choose your strains.

You could have 4 different strains growing all at once if you wanted. Control your growing environment to suit the needs of your plants. Manage your strains and nutrients with the right cannabis fertilizers

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  1. A whole new definition of privacy

Look, just because it’s now legal to smoke cannabis does not mean that everyone wants to walk into a dispensary in the full glare of the public and order their stash.

We are still a deeply private country, and everyone wants to keep their idiosyncrasies to themselves. Growing from home means that you can be as discreet as you like.

No one has to ever notice what you do for personal amusement. The grow-at-home scenario appeals to anyone out there who abhors the idea of having to queue up at a dispensary. 

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  1. Saves time

Long lines are the bane of my existence, driving 45 minutes to wait in one is even worse.

For those not fortunate enough to live within walking distance of a dispensary, growing at home is a viable option.

The simplest setup up will give you 3 harvests a year yielding several ounces each time. Simply grow your own crop and consume at will.

More time saved, less fuel consumed; feels like a win, whichever way you slice it! 

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  1. Financial benefits

Here, the math is simple; when you grow your own crop, you get to manage the costs.

You don’t need to waste your fuel driving around looking for a good dispensary.

The average cost per gram in the USA is about $10, when you grow your own and factor all the costs it’s a little over $2.

Nobody wants to pay more when they can pay less. That math puts you right back in the green, pun intended. 

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  1. A sense of independence

As a grower, you can choose whatever strain of cannabis you want to put into the soil (or hydroponics).

You have the choice of growing high yielding strains and saving more money, or you can go for exotic strains of higher quality.

Whatever you choose, you’re in the driver’s seat. The thing here is that you have the leeway to create what you think is right for you as a person as well as for your wallet.

Canada has become only the second country in the world (after Uruguay) to allow the nationwide consumption of cannabis for recreational purposes.

As a result, this move has been widely lauded, and it will be great to see the benefits that come about in the long term.

Let’s hope that other states decide to end the prohibition of cannabis as well. 

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Author Bio: Mike is passionate about the Internet and cannabis. He is a regular contributor at cannabiswiki and writes articles for various cannabis related blogs. He strives to help remove the negative stigma of cannabis. He currently lives in Ottawa, Ontario.