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5 Things to Know Before You Set Your Foot in Any Chicago Weed Dispensary

Those days are gone when sourcing cannabis in Chicago was a tedious task. Since the legalization of cannabis by the state of Illinois in 2020, numerous cannabis dispensaries have popped up in the different neighborhoods of Chicago, including the Nuera Wicker Park. With a population of 26000, Wicker Park is home to some of the famous, top-notch weed dispensaries.

Despite the rising awareness and acceptance of cannabis, sourcing your weed from a dispensary is still an overwhelming experience for many. People often find themselves riddled with the various cannabis jargon and have a poor weed buying experience.

To help you buy high-quality cannabis, here are five things you need to know before stepping inside any weed dispensary in Chicago.

  1. Know what you want

There are hundreds of strains and varieties of cannabis available across dispensaries. They have different content of CBD and THC, and many of them offer distinct benefits. It’s perfectly okay not to know everything about every cannabis strain in the universe.

All you need to know is why you want to buy it. Is it for medical purposes? Do you want to enjoy the euphoria? Is relaxation and calmness that you need from the weed? Or do you just want to enjoy a chill, cozy weekend afternoon? Strains like Strawberry Cough, Cannatonic, OG Kush, and Purple Widow are a few popular strains that offer calmness and relaxation when you smoke them.

If you aren’t comfortable with smoking, you can also look for edibles that can give the same or better effects than smoking cannabis. Your budtender can help you choose the right paraphernalia and accessories for a better cannabis experience.

2. You can ask questions to your budtender

The budtenders are the dispensary staff that helps you find the right strain. They are trained to offer the best advice and deeply understand the features and effects of every strain. That means you can ask any number of questions regarding the weed strains.

It’s good to ask questions before buying any strain. The budtender will help solve your doubt and lead you in the right direction. Here are some of the questions you can ask your budtender:

  • What’s the origin of the strain?
  • How long does it take to take effect?
  • Is it suitable for beginners?
  • What can I expect after smoking it for the first time?

Remember that it’s okay to ask questions than decide what you are not comfortable or familiar with.

3. What are the payment methods?

Though Illinois has legalized the personal use of cannabis in 2020, many dispensaries in Chicago still accept only cash to avoid any bank disputes. Many customers might also be worried that their purchase at weed dispensaries might reflect on their bank statements and banking records. That’s why many buyers and dispensaries often prefer cash for payment.

You must know whether the dispensary accepts cash, debit or credit cards, or other payments.

4. Purchase quantity limitations

Though medical and adult use of cannabis is legalized in Chicago, it doesn’t mean you can buy a giant bag full of cannabis for your yearful supply. Almost every cannabis dispensary levies quantity limitations on each purchase, which means you can only buy a certain amount of weed from any dispensary.

Some dispensaries also have different rules for buyers within and outside the state. For example, NuEra in Wicker Park in Chicago allows only 2.5 ounces of marijuana products within 14 days for medical patients or their designated caregivers.

Adult buyers from Illinois can buy 30 grams of herbs or pre-rolls., 5 grams of concentrates, and 500 mg of edibles. The quantities for outside state buyers are 15 grams, 2.5 grams, and 250 mg, respectively. Know this number before you step into any dispensary in Chicago.

5. You should mention your health problems to the budtender

Smoking cannabis can relax your body yet increase your heart rate. Though the side effects of smoking cannabis aren’t severe, some weed strains can amplify your existing health conditions.

So, if you have a heart problem, staying away from such strains might be good. You also need to factor in your mental health. If you struggle with depression or anxiety, you should carefully choose the right strain that doesn’t trigger or increase your anxiety.

Your budtender has the expertise on how different strains affect you and what you can expect after smoking them. Some strains have more calming effects, while some make you energetic. If you aren’t comfortable with the euphoria, you can stick to CBD-based products that do not contain any THC, the psychoactive content of cannabis.

Buying the right strain significantly affects your smoking experience. Moreover, the budtenders are always there to help you. Before you step into any dispensary in Chicago, make sure you know these five things to find the right strain.

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