We are in the spirit of holiday cheer. Christmas is really in the air. And we want to wrap the ideas such as what we do with items for presents. These ideas involve our favorite herbal plant, “the cannabis”, which we believe can keep us from holiday blues.

Here are some ideas that can, perhaps in our generous way, help you as you deal with Christmas.

1. Hemp oil and cream

hemp sport

Hemp oil or hempseed oil is among the most beneficial items you can give to someone who may need to improve their health. This is not to bring insult to someone, but if you feel that someone you know, your friend or family members, perhaps, have certain condition, then, the cannabis-derived product could be a great gift to wrap up in a present.

Aside from hemp oil, you may consider giving someone, who is into sports, with a hemp cream.  Hemp Sport from Bluebirds Botanicals contains cannabinoids from hemp extract, wonderfully blended with jojoba oil and coconut cream. Aside from the hemp extract, you can also benefit from its organic contents.

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2. Decorating the room with Cannabis Christmas tree

You have to be careful with this idea though as some people have had in trouble with authorities when people found out they have “the best Christmas tree in the world.”

When you want to be brazen enough and you are lucky to be in a jurisdiction that allows you to cultivate, at least one cannabis plant, then proceed with the idea of having a cannabis Christmas tree.

3. Make a cannabis mistletoe 

As you go with decorating your own cannabis Christmas tree, why not take another step and include putting up a cannabis mistletoe hanging on locations where people can take smooches with their friends or loved ones.

We want to borrow the idea what we have read from Leafly so that you will be more guided.

4. Wrapping a case of Jimi Hendrix Haze Stix

Jimi Hendrix Haze Stix

Another wonderful idea you can give to someone this Christmas is the Jimi Hendrix Haza Stix. Named after the popular musician, this hazesticks from Blackout X can be wrapped in a casing with a package of items that include premium stainless steel & ceramic no-wick no-leak cartridge and USB charger.

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Take a look of the Jimi Hendrix collection and decide for yourself. It could be a great gift idea to send to someone special this holiday season.

5. Giving someone with some sex gifts 

We have to be bold here in saying that cannabis can help with your sex life. Even if it’s on Christmas.

People have the tendency to cuddle more and perhaps, be more adventurous in a chilly weather that permits the bodies to bring the heat. It could happen during the holiday season when the ambience is cold and people are filled with love.

This cannabis strain can help someone that you want an enhanced sex life. It could go with a hemp oil lubricant.

Make the holiday season more memorable with cannabis

Our aim is to celebrate the Christmas season with certain calmness but filled with love. We are all bound to certain commitments and we believe that people who need de-stressors can benefit from cannabis and hemp-derived products to relax the emotional body and elevate the mood.

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Our holiday ideas are just simple. We want it to be that way to celebrate this season with less stresses that we want to have in life.

Happy Holidays!