5 Ways Weed Can Help Athletic Performance

Ways Weed Can Help Athletic Performance

Cannabis is a hot topic around the country as more people discover the many ways this all-natural plant benefits their health. As marijuana research continues, scientists discover many more benefits of it that were previously unknown, at least to non-smokers.

Anyone who has ever consumed it will tell you that it’s a miracle in a plant. They know firsthand just how great it is, whether science yet backs them or not.

Now, athletes can rejoice because the benefits of cannabis outweigh the risks for those who fit in this category. How does weed help an athlete?

The real question should be how does weed not help an athletes? Let’s take a look below to learn five of the best ways weed improves athletic performance, and why it should be your go-to remedy for many different concerns.

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1. Weed Reduces Inflammation

Athletes need a fast and effective way to relieve muscle and joint inflammation. Cannabis is one of the answers to inflammation.

CBD is clinically proven to reduce inflammation and it works faster than many of the current products.

It’s currently approved to treat various autoimmune conditions such as lupus, Multiple Sclerosis, and Crohn’s Disease.

Many yoga instructors recommend cannabis. Athletes can use cannabis without smoking it thanks to the abundance of products available on the market, including topicals, edibles, and tinctures.

Topicals are very effective in treating inflammation.

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2. Ease Soreness & Pain

Athletes know a thing or two about pain. It seems that every practice or game causes another area of the body to ache. Since cannabis is proven to alleviate pain, it’s certainly a great pain relief option for athletes who want the all-natural benefits.

Cannabis can relieve acute pain, chronic pain, muscle spasms, and many other painful conditions that athletes sustain.

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3. Improve Sleep

Any marijuana smoker will tell you that a good night of sleep is in the forecast after a nice smoke session. However, studies also prove that weed aids in sleep and can benefit people with sleep apnea.

Cannabis may even suppress dreams, which is beneficial for PTSD patients.

When you sleep well at night, you wake up refreshed and energized, which means better performance, less fatigue, and even fewer injuries when it’s time to play.

Sleep is an essential component of your overall athletic performance. Make cannabis a part of your day and catch some good sleep at night.

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4. Mental Clarity

Many people assume that marijuana negatively impacts brain function. They think that pot smokers aren’t smart or that they do not think the same way as a non-smoker.

The truth is, however, low doses of THC does the exact opposite and clears the mind of fog and cognitive functioning. Yes, weed can actually make you smarter, happier, and a much better athlete than you were the day before.

Nature Medicine published a study in 2017 that highlighted this benefit. Many athletes use weed to get “into their zone” where they can focus solely on the game.

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5. Motivation

For many people, cannabis serves as a motivator that helps them accomplish all the things they need to get done that would probably otherwise go unnoticed.

Many people use it because it aids in their creativity levels. Some people become great poets and magical artists after they consume weed. The same rules apply to athletes. 

Used in moderation, it may provide the motivation that you need to exercise, focus on the game, improve your skills, and more. If you want a great motivator, consider cannabis.

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Final Thoughts

Don’t exclude marijuana from the list of options to enhance performance and as a result, benefit you in the game.

Every athlete, whether male or female, can benefit when it is a part of their health regimen and is used in moderation.

Talk to your doctor about CBD or marijuana before you start using it. People have many great things to say about weed and CBD because it’s just that great.

Don’t listen to what they say and find out firsthand with this handy Leafbuyer dispensary finder. The benefits above are only the start of what many athletes can expect when using cannabis.

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