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6 Reasons Why You Need to Get a Medical Marijuana Card

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In 2020, medical marijuana patients reached an estimated 4.5 million people. That’s a huge deal and a valid indication that the medicinal marijuana business is not slowing down. In fact, it’s only going to grow bigger.

If you’re thinking of getting treated with medical marijuana, then it’s worth the effort to obtain a medical marijuana card. Fifteen states have legalized the medicinal and recreational use of marijuana through medical marijuana cards.

Laws governing Texas, Florida, and  Pennsylvania Cannabis require patients to show their medical marijuana card to obtain treatment and care from licensed doctors to administer CBD-based treatments.

Apart from obtaining access to CBD treatments, patients with a medical marijuana card also have various benefits, from paying lower costs to obtaining legal protection. Here are six reasons why you should get yourself a medical marijuana card:

  • You have access to lower costs

With a card, you can save money all year long, especially if you regularly purchase CBD products and treatments for your ailments or symptoms. You get access to lower prices than those who access marijuana from recreational retail outlets. If you are buying CBD regularly, having the card enables you to spend less money in the long run.

For states that have legalized marijuana, you have lowered or exempted taxes on cannabis purchases. Paying with your card can save you thousands of dollars each year if you regularly purchase medical cannabis products. For instance, in Pennsylvania, sales tax on all marijuana-related products is between 10 to 15%. However, if you buy marijuana for medical reasons, this excise tax is exempted, making marijuana more accessible and affordable.

  • You have more purchasing options

There is a strict limit to how much cannabis a customer can purchase for recreational purposes in most states. However, with a medical marijuana card, you can buy more. For example, in the state of California, medical marijuana patients can purchase up to 8 ounces of CBD per day. By contrast, only 1 ounce a day is allowed for recreational use.

With a card, you can purchase more cannabis from the dispensary than someone purchasing recreationally. The different accessibility and limitation options also apply to the possession and home cultivation. Depending on the state laws, you can possess and grow more plants with a card. In Nevada, for example, medical cannabis users can have 2.5 ounces of cannabis, whereas recreational users can only possess 1 ounce.

Some states also allow medical patients to grow their supply at home, whereas recreational users are not allowed to do so. Patients in Colorado can grow up to more than six plants of marijuana.

  • You have different age restrictions

Most states allow the use of recreational cannabis to adults 21 years and older, and it is illegal to possess and consume cannabis for anyone below this age. That said, younger patients below the age of 21 years old with medical marijuana cards can obtain care and treatments to treat conditions such as cancer and epilepsy. Patients aged 18 years old and younger can get treated with CBD to meet all the requirements. Caregivers can also obtain medical marijuana cards for minors in their care.

  • You have better accessibility

Being an owner of a medical marijuana card also allows you to purchase CBD at medical dispensaries. Exclusive medical dispensaries exist only for medical marijuana cardholders, even in states where recreational cannabis use is legal. This means that cardholders have access to a broader range of products, support, and strains.

With a card, medical marijuana users also gain access to licensed doctors and cannabis coaches trained in administering the proper treatment, with the correct dosage depending on the condition the patient wants to treat. For medical customers visiting dispensaries, you’ll get almost every question answered regarding your purchase of CBD for medical uses, dosages, and specific benefits of marijuana to treat specific conditions.

So even if your state has legalized the use of marijuana, be an informed user and get a medical marijuana card. These advantages ahead of you have a more substantial impact on your overall health.

  • You’ll have access to stronger potencies and different strains

Marijuana sold in recreational stores has lower potency than the cannabis medical marijuana patients have access to. There are specific limits that retail shops selling cannabis need to adhere to in every state, limiting the potency as state laws regulate it.

Some medical patients require a higher potency to treat specific ailments or symptoms, which is why having a medical card will give them access to better strains and potencies. In the state of California, edible cannabis products can contain no higher than 100mg of THC, whereas tinctures and lotions are limited to 1000mg of THC.

There is more leeway when it comes to licensed medical marijuana dispensaries. You can obtain CBD products with up to 2000mg of THC for medical purposes. If you have a medical condition such as chronic pain or cancer that requires a higher degree of potency, a medical marijuana card can get you what you need.

  • You have access to more robust legal protection

States that have legalized medical marijuana also have special laws to protect the rights of patients who hold medical marijuana cards. In the state of Texas and California, proposition 215 exempts patients and caregivers who cultivate, consume, and possess marijuana for medical reasons from criminal law. Without a card, you are prohibited from possessing or growing marijuana.

You are covered by a licensed physician when you have a medical marijuana card. You have your doctor’s stamp of approval to purchase treatments of cannabis, and you are legally protected from any implications of the use of marijuana. Some states also have laws protecting marijuana card holders’ employment rights.

To have peace of mind to consume, possess, purchase and cultivate marijuana, why not get a medical marijuana card? Obtaining the card isn’t hard. The biggest hurdle you’ll face is getting a physician’s certification that you fulfill all the requirements of getting medical marijuana. This minor inconvenience is compensated by the numerous benefits you’ll have, from saving money to having better care.

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