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7 Health Benefits of Marijuana Terpenes

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For the uninitiated, marijuana terpenes are non-psychoactive organic molecules found in the cannabis sativa plant. They are the reasons behind a variety of tastes, smells, and effects.

The nature of terpenes is such that it allows for manipulation of the taste and smell. This is possible due to the ability of the growers to map terpenes profile.

However interesting this may sound, these are not the most fascinating qualities of the terpenes. What exceeds these are the medicinal values that terpenes have for the body.

Some of the popularly known variety of terpenes are myrcene, limonene, alpha bisabolol, borneol, and linalool. This article intends to discuss the health benefits of terpenes in length and provide a seasoned idea about it.

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Pain relief

With aging, pains in joints and muscles are bound to happen. Besides, those who take part in strenuous activities like sportspersons are also likely to fall prey to injuries every now and then. This is where marijuana terpenes can be useful.

They help alleviate pain from the body due to the presence of analgesic properties in them. Not only does it mitigate the pain internally but also externally.

One of the most effective terpenes for pain management is myrcene. It possesses powerful anti-inflammatory properties, which enables the relaxation of muscles. It has a slightly earthy taste with a tinge of fruit in it.

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Reduces anxiety

With such a fast-paced world, the number of people suffering from anxiety and depression is on the rise. High expectations, the pressure of performance at work, and wavering relationships add fuel to the fire.

Terpenes facilitate the body to feel better due to its ability to improve the mood and reduce anxiousness. A study also suggests that terpenes have positive cognitive effects.

The best variety to gain these benefits is limonene. It has a citrus aroma, with a blend of orange and lemon. To add to its benefits, limonene is anti-inflammatory, aids weight loss, and also enables the treatment of bronchial infections.

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Treats cancer

One of the most potent diseases, cancer is characterized by proliferation of the growth of cells in an organ of the body. Terpenes have the ability to inhibit the spreading of tumor cells.

Linalool, a spicy variety with a floral smell, is a popular ingredient for the treatment of liver cancer.

It facilitates the killing of tumor cells due to their anti-inflammatory properties. Apart from this, it also improves the neural function and regulates the motor movements in the body.

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Stimulates the appetite

It may be a common phenomenon in the middle and old age that one starts feeling full all the time.

The sensation of hunger may reduce over time in some cases. However, that is not good for health. The body needs proper nutrition to function.

Not eating enough meals can be detrimental for physical as well as mental well-being. To reinvigorate your appetite, introduce terpenes in your diet.

To zero down on one, beta-caryophyllene is one variety that will help you in doing so efficiently. It is a bit peppery in taste and is also highly popular for its anti-anxiety properties.

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Increases alertness

It is imperative for us to be alert at all times to be at our best abilities. Being alert enables us to focus on the minute details and allows us to increase our focus. In order to increase it, there is a terpenes variety that can prove to be a boon.

Alpha and beta-pinenes find their origin in the pine trees and are available in most of the marijuana strains.

These terpenes are adept at making one feel content by improving the mood and increases the ability of the consumer to focus. According to an article, it also fights against the menace of inflammation.

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Possesses antibacterial properties

Harmful bacteria can attack the body and cause a number of ailments. Thus, the antibacterial properties of the terpenes can come handy when it comes to fighting these.

Terpineol, bitter yet a little sweet in taste, provides an array of benefits.

These include antibacterial properties, improving breathing, and muscle relaxation. Camphene is another kind of terpenes that has antibiotic and antibacterial properties.

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Combats stress

We all face stress at some point or the other. Fighting stress becomes important to attain mental peace. Borneol is one variety that is useful in providing that. It also helps the consumers in getting a good night’s sleep.

Sleep deprivation and insomnia can drain the body both mentally and physically.

It also harms your ability to focus and function to your optimal level. Hence, including terpenes in your diet can be highly conducive for your health in the long term.

The research on terpenes is ongoing. With umpteen number of benefits to the human body, its future seems to be bright.

You can get access to it easily on the online dispensary Canada. Consult your doctor on its consumption and enjoy a life full of health and vibrancy.

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