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7 Reasons for Growing Your Own Cannabis [plus States that Allow you to Grow]

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Who doesn’t enjoy the relaxing and soothing effects of #cannabis? Anyone who has must have toyed with the idea of growing their own at some point.

Although the production of cannabis is considered illegal in most of the United States, some states do allow you to grow cannabis for medicinal and recreational purposes.

If you’re lucky enough to live in one of those states, you might be able to start growing tomorrow!

Cannabis isn’t a difficult plant to grow. Some compare it to growing tomatoes. Growing cannabis is a great hobby, and can be a very rewarding experience. Here are a few reasons why you might want to consider growing your own stash.

Quality control

Many of us decide to drop into a dispensary whenever we need cannabis.

The only problem is that there are no national health or industry standards for cultivating cannabis at the moment.

The only way to be 100% sure of what you are getting is if you are the one producing it.

When you’re growing cannabis, you control exactly what is going into your plant.

By using quality marijuana fertilizer, you’re able to feed you plants efficiently.

You may also choose to avoid harsh pesticides and protect your plants from pests in more natural or organic ways.

While your first harvest is unlikely to produce superstar results, it will be a huge learning experience.

You will be ready to start again knowing what to avoid the next time around.

With practice and experience, you will know exactly what works best to increase the potency and yield of your cannabis plants.

Growing your Own Cannabis Saves Money

While buying cannabis is quicker and easier than growing it, it’s definitely cheaper to grow it yourself in the long run.

It will cost between $200 and $800 for all the equipment you need to begin with 1 to 4 plants.

Most of this gear will last for many grows. Depending on how much you grow and smoke, it shouldn’t take long to break even.

Most legal states allow between 4-6 mature plants. With a bit of experience, you could produce an ounce of cannabis every 3-4 months.

Once you have a tent, lights, and fan, your only monthly costs will be electricity and maybe water.

You will need to continue buying seeds, cannabis nutrients and soil with every few grows.

These are fairly inexpensive but once you learn to clone plants, you won’t have to buy new seeds.

Some states have medical cannabis growing licenses that allow you to grow for multiple patients.

If you had a group of patients willing to invest in your grow room, you could substantially lower your start up cost and grow even more plants.

Get Stress Relief from Gardening

It’s a proven fact that gardening is an amazing source of stress relief and therapy.

Of course, you will have to put a lot of time and effort into your plants.

You will be feeding, trimming, and carefully taking care of the plants from week to week until it’s time to harvest.

Watching your plants thrive is a very rewarding experience.

After harvesting, you will have to dry the buds for about two weeks. Then you must cure them for an additional few weeks before they are ready to be used.

When you consume the fruits of your labor, it will all be worth it. The experience of observing your plants grow from seed to harvest is absolutely amazing and beyond compare.

Growing weed relaxes you.  


Make your own Hash and Extracts

How do you like hash and extracts? Growing cannabis and using plant trimmings (shake) to make extracts can be a real bonus to your harvest.

Bubble hash can be easily made at home with inexpensive tools like bubble hash bags.

These bags separate the plant material from the trichomes, which are then pressed into hash or used for making infused products.

The material used to make hash typically comes from the trimmings left over from your harvest.

These trimming are not as potent as the bud themselves. But when the trichomes are isolated from the shake, they make a very potent hash.

The more plants you have means the more material to make hash.

If you only have a small number of plants you can store trimmings in the freezer for later use.

Crossbreeding Cannabis Plants

While growing cannabis, you will learn about the many different strains of cannabis and their effects on the body.

Most know that a sativa dominant strains provide energetic and uplifted feelings.

While an indica dominant strain provides a hazy and serene feeling. Many of the strains available out there are typically a hybrid of both.

The best part about growing your own plants is that you can experiment with breeding your own strains.

Taking two strains you like and breeding them together can produce some interesting results.

Eventually you can start producing seeds of your very own strain. You will be self sufficient and have a completely unique strain that matches your ideal high!

Don’t forget to name your new strain!

This is a fairly advanced growing skill, and beginners should have a few grows under their belts before attempting to crossbreed cannabis plants.

Never run dry

With your own garden, you can have crops ready to consume in 3-4 months.

With good planning, you can produce more than enough to satisfy your needs.

Many states that legalize the production of medicinal marijuana give considerable flexibility on the number of plants you can grow.

By using a second veg room you can keep plants that have been grown from seed as well as clones growing indefinitely.

Most states have a limit on flowering cannabis plants, but not so much on young immature vegging plants.

Once you complete the harvest you can move your vegetative plants to a flower tent and keep the process going.

With good planning, you could keep this up forever!

You can consume part of your harvest and whatever is extra can be stored or turned into oil, hash, or tinctures.

Remember that local and state laws lightly differ.

So make sure that you follow both so that you’re in the legal right.

There are limits to the quantity of finished product you can store on your property.

Have a Seed Bank

So you have an amazingly potent plant, and you want to keep growing it in the future.

You might want to consider using a male for harvesting seeds to preserve the strain.

While experimenting with different strains, you can keep a snapshot of each strain in the form of seeds and always go back to it later whenever you want.

Having a seed bank also means you won’t have to buy seeds elsewhere when you start a new batch.

These seeds would be an exact copy of the parent strain and you can be fairly certain of the quality.

As long as seeds are stored in an airtight container in a dark cool place, they will have an extremely long shelf life.

I’ve heard of growers germinating some seeds that were 50 years old.

Be sure to keep really good notes about the strains of the stored seeds, It can be easy to forget the nuances of your different strains.

With all these benefits, you might be tempted to start growing your own cannabis plants right now.

Before starting, check whether your state permits you to grow cannabis medically or recreationally.

It is very important to abide by both the state and county laws to ensure that you do not have to face any legal implications regarding your cannabis.

Many states in the US allow production of cannabis in limited quantities for medicinal or recreational purposes.

The federal law prohibits use of cannabis even for medical purposes by citing it as a Schedule I substance of abuse and misuse.

However, many state laws differ greatly from federal law and provide slight leniency in the production and use of cannabis.

While some states prohibit the use of cannabis strictly, others permit it for medicinal purposes only.

There are a small handful of states that have approved it for recreational use within a limit.

In states where medical cannabis is legal, a valid license is needed to produce any amounts of cannabis.

Recreational cannabis states (like California and Colorado), allow for the cultivations of a limited number of cannabis plants.

Here’s a look at the states that allow you to grow your own cannabis recreationally, and their basic guidelines.

U.S. StateNumber of Plants AllowedQuantity Limit
AlaskaGrow up to 6 plants per householdAdults over 21 can posses up to 1 oz
CaliforniaGrow up to 6 plants per householdAdults over 21 can posses up to 1 oz
ColoradoGrow up to 6 plants per householdAdults over 21 can posses up to 1 oz
District of ColumbiaGrow up to 6 plants per householdAdults over 21 can posses up to 2 oz
MaineGrow up to 3 flowering plants per householdAdults over 21 can posses up to 2.5 oz
MassachusettsGrow up to 6 plants per householdAdults over 21 can posses up to 1 oz
NevadaGrow up to 6 plants per householdAdults over 21 can posses up to 1 oz


The local and state laws related to the production of cannabis for medicinal and recreational purposes are amended from time to time to prevent the misuse of the drug.

It is mandatory to abide by the local and state laws as the inability to do so is considered a criminal offense and can result in strict action, arrest, and imprisonment.

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