Celebrate 7/10 in Style


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What is 7/10 and why is it celebrated as a stoner holiday?

If you are not familiar with 7/10, you should know that it is a stoner holiday and it is celebrated on the 10th of July, which gave the 7/10 label to this celebration. But, how did 7/10 appear and why do people celebrate it? After all, if we are to talk about stoner holidays, most people will have 4/20 in mind, being the national stoner holiday celebrated on the 20th of April.

So why did 7/10 even appear? It seems that this holiday is closely related to the fact that dabs and dabbing have become more and more popular. Dabs are high-THC concentrates and oils, which can be smoked for recreational and medicinal purposes, being the reason the 7/10 phenomenon spread with so much success.

Below are some gift suggestions for the 7/10 celebration.

Boost Evo E-Rigs


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boost evo erigs

In honor of the cannabis concentrate holiday, Dr. Dabber just dropped three funky new versions of their legendary Boost Evo E-rigs! These stylish new Boost Evos are giving us major throwback vibes with their semi-transparent look and those faded yet vibrant colors we all remember from the early days of tech. Think back to those bold, translucent gadgets that revolutionized the world with their user-friendly designs—Dabber is channeling that same spirit for dabbers everywhere this 7/10! Get ready to enjoy your concentrates with a splash of retro flair and modern functionality.


Vessel Expedition

vessel expedition

The Expedition Trail Edition vape pen battery by Vessel is designed right in sunny California. This isn’t just any vape pen; it’s part of their exclusive Expedition Series, perfect for those who crave adventure. Crafted with anodized aluminum and a knurled grip, it boasts a rugged yet sleek appearance. The Trail Edition lets you switch up your style with two additional end caps and accommodates wider cartridges thanks to its new transition module. Enjoy the ease of a protected, cartridge drop-in design and the reliability of a high-quality 300mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery core. With three LEDs to show battery life and power settings, and four voltage settings (2.4V, 2.8V, 3.2V, 3.6V), you’re all set for your next journey.


Select Zero-Proof Cannabis Infused Seltzer

For those who don’t dab or use concentrates, you can still celebrate 7/10! Select Cannabis-Infused Seltzer’s Zero Proof delivers a fast-acting, hangover-free experience with 5mg of naturally-derived hemp THC per can, offering a flavorful and healthy alternative to alcohol. Each pack contains eight cans of low-calorie, low-sugar seltzers that onset within 15-30 minutes, providing a smooth and social euphoria. Free from artificial flavors, Zero Proof is poised to become your new favorite beverage, elevating every sip with delicious, natural taste and convenience, making it perfect for any occasion without the negative effects of alcohol.


710, OIL, and July 10

Just as 420 is created and used, 710 is another term to describe cannabis concentrates, ending up the second stoner holiday throughout the country. Until recently, 420 was the only name given to all sorts of cannabis concentrates, also being the only celebration of the kind. However, some users decided that cannabis concentrates deserve to have their name, describing the properties of each.

Thus, 710 appeared, being chosen because it spells the word “OIL” if you turn the numbers upside down. So yes, 710 refers to cannabis oil products, such as shatter or wax. Concerning the person who created 710 and started this movement, we can’t say much, because no one knows for sure how 710 came to life, just like in the case of very many other marijuana products. Although many people will claim that they are the creators of 710, it is practically impossible to prove it. Nevertheless, cannabis dabbers celebrate July 10 as the cannabis oil holiday.

What are dabs?


Speaking of dabs, what are they more exactly, and why do people use them? As mentioned before, dabs are marijuana or hash in a more concentrated form. Practically, an oily sticky substance is extracted from the plant’s flowers, which have very many minuscule crystals on them, with the help of solvents, like carbon dioxide or butane.

Although many dabs users are trying to make this extraction at home, it is not recommended to do so, because you can get hurt when using such solvents. If you are wondering why people prefer dabs, you should know that their high effect is rather potent. The high concentration of THC in dabs provides users with a strong feeling in a very short time. So, dabs are used for recreational purposes and as alternative medical treatments, for conditions like chronic pain and extreme nausea.

Again, because it is related to cannabis, it is very hard to state when 710 became a stoner holiday. Still, rumors say that the first references that pointed out the fact that 710 is a stoner holiday emerged in 2013. But, this doesn’t mean that this is when the celebration started.

Most certainly some people celebrated 710, in rather restrained groups and manifestations, long before it was so well known. The fact that 710 became the second official stoner holiday just shows that its popularity grew sufficiently among cannabis users.

Happy 710 everyone! Do you celebrate this holiday?


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