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8 Morning Routines of Wildly Successful Cannapreneurs

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Below are positive morning routines of successful players in the cannabis industry. Get inspired by their healthy habits.

“My morning routine varies depending on the time zone I’m in, but, generally speaking, I hit the gym in the morning before the markets open in New York. I read all the trade publications and review any regulatory shifts in our industry. Then I check in with the chairman of the board and my CFO. Next, I check in with all my division heads. That’s my general morning routine.” — Steve Gormley, CEO – Director, International Cannabrands

“6:20 am – Wake the kids up for school while I get in an early workout

7:00 am – Get in some breakfast with the family while reviewing my calendar and Asana task list.

7:30 am – Get ready while I listen to some EDM music to put me in the right positive mindset for the day

8:15 am – Review indirect communication and news platforms such as Twitter, Apple News and Ganjly.com of course

8:45 am – Review direct communication platforms such as email & slack. I like to do this last because I find myself dreading this type of input. Typically I read messages and pick up the phone, or visit the employee’s desk to solve problems and offer up ideas directly.

I believe that positive energy for your family/employees, a focus on to-do lists and personal interactions are the best ways to start each day.” — Danny Davis, Founder & Chairman, Convectium

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“By way of background, I have a complete knee replacement on my left leg, and my right knee has gone bone on bone almost 2 years ago… During the first year, I was experiencing a 5 level pain almost all the time. I tried conventional methods of physical therapy and cortisone shots, but the pain persisted. Conventional CBD dosage did not work for me, with me taking between 50 & 100 mg per day, with no relief… Last July I started to experiment with higher doses of CBD isolate, and since then, a 250mg dose has managed to keep me pain-free 99% of the time… Pain which I only thought would be solved by surgery has virtually gone away…

So every day, I measure out 250mg of CBD isolate into my beverage drink, mix it with the Emergen-C vitamin mix with sparkling water and drink it around 5:30 or 6am after I wake up….” — Rick Weissman, President, High Falls Extracts

“My morning routine is very relaxing. It is important for me to get the right mindset before I start doing business. I wake my son Wolfgang with plenty of hugs and take him to school with my brewed coffee in a to-go cup. I take about 20mg of G CBD before I leave.

In the car, I let my son pick three songs to listen to then I shift to the ’90s radio. We sing our hearts out until we reach the school. I go back home and continue to learn how to play Claire de Lune on the piano, my favorite piece. This was the only piece I did not get to finish when I was 16 years old and so I’m determined to finish it this year. I guess that makes me a frustrated pianist. So far I’m on page 4. I then check my emails and start working. ” — Clarisa Strohmeyer, Founder of Ganjly.

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“I’ve been hitting the gym in the mornings recently. I get up at around 6 am, get a work out in, head back home to feed the dogs, myself and my pregnant wife, then head into work. Traditionally, I’m not a morning person, but I’m working hard to be a functional human in the mornings. The first thing I do when I get into work is to check on all the ladies and make sure they had a good night’s rest. Then, I’ll catch up on any administrative work before doing any watering and plant maintenance.” — Danny Murr-Sloat, Founder of AlpinStash

“My morning usually begins with a dose of high CBD tincture and 5-10 minutes of meditation. Then, I check my phone for any emergent emails or messages. Next, I take my Chinese herbal formula and make a giant mason jar of herbal tea (my current obsession is Earl Grey Rooibos). The tea gives me a good base of hydration for my day–it’s funny how often I forget to drink water when things get really hectic. I read and answer emails until around 9, then get to my duties of the day, which can be really varied based on the week. If I’m working from home, I feed the chickens at 10:30 am and give them some treats.  Michelle Bawkman, our leghorn, is particularly fond of Vietnamese leftovers.” — Katie Stem, CEO of Peak Extracts

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“Each morning I begin my day with a Black Belt CBD Control Capsule, with 15mg of CBD. I find it’s easy to include while I’m brushing my teeth and keeps my back from flaring up. As I get ready I use the full Bella CBD skincare regimen to keep my skin wrinkle free and since I live in the desert, I use the Bella Crema Elegante throughout the day to stay hydrated. During breakfast, I include a few drops of our 1500mg Ease Elixir in my morning protein shake. I have asthma, so I don’t vape or combust CBD. I love smoking CBD flower, but my body doesn’t tolerate it well, so I stick to tinctures, gel caps, and topicals. After a long day changing the world, I come home to a hot shower and my husband helps apply 1937 Comfort Cream 1000mg to my neck, back, and hips. Overall I consume about 35-50mg of CBD throughout the day, which helps me to minimize inflammation, reduce my chronic pain, and maintain my mental sharpness. I joke that CBD is nature’s baby aspirin.” — Krista Whitley, Founder and CEO of Altitude Products

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