Wednesday, August 10, 2022

8000Kicks Explorer V2 Hemp Shoe Review

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8000Kicks got their start on Kickstarter, which seems like a good place to start selling kicks! They sent us a few pairs of their second revision hemp shoes to try out. But let’s back up for a second – for years we’ve heard the old tales of hemp being used to create textiles and how it was used extensively throughout the world before cannabis became entangled in legal problems. Bearing in mind the use of hemp dates back over centuries, we wanted to know, how does hemp hold up against a modern textile?

With the surge in the use of hemp in making environmentally friendly products, it was only a matter of time before hemp shoes were created. 8000Kicks was built with the intention of creating a product that fully utilized hemp, as well as other natural materials. They created the world’s first pair of splashproof hemp shoes, and their Explorer V2 line is being made with even better materials.

Out of the box, the shoes look very aesthetically pleasing and come in three colors: beige and green, black and white, and full black. The shoes have a cool, low-key design that’s perfect for everyday casual wear. We decided to put them in a few environments, namely hiking, golfing, and around town to see how they performed. We all agreed that these are amongst the most comfortable shoes we have ever owned. The splash proofing performed well in the wet morning grasses on the golf course, and throughout the day hiking around the soles work great.

The other thing we can’t overlook is the weight of the shoes. They’re exceptionally light – compared with a pair of name brand running shoes, they are noticeably lighter, which may be a significant advantage for those runners out there. We learned that quality shoes don’t have to be made from synthetic materials derived from crude oil, nor assembled with sweatshop hands. Nature provides us with the ideal material in the form of hemp.

If you’re active and on the go a lot, these hemp shoes are complete game-changers.


8000kicks has traveled around the world looking for the right Hemp growers that share their values. They use premium fabric that is very strong, flexible and durable. This is also splash-proof and dustproof.

The company spent months traveling around the world to find the best quality hemp fabric to use when making their V2 line. These shoes are also 100% vegan. We’re not vegan personally but we still thought that was pretty cool.

The world’s #1 HEMP shoes.
💪 Super Strong Hemp fibers;
💦 Splash friendly;
🍁 World’s 1st Hemp Insoles;
🌱 Algae Bloom soles;
✅ 100% vegan;
🏃 Versatile design;

In Conclusion

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