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A Brief Guide to Buying Cannabis from a Dispensary in Arizona

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Arizona started selling recreational Cannabis legally recently in the year 2021. There are almost more than 100 recreational dispensaries in Arizona. And according to a survey, there are currently 123 active dispensaries in the state selling Cannabis legally.

However, in terms of medical marijuana, it is vital to remember that Arizona limits the amount of products that can be purchased. A certified medical marijuana patient can buy 2.5 ounces of marijuana every two weeks. A person not a resident of Arizona or a medical patient cannot legally buy from any dispensary in Arizona.

Choosing a dispensary for buying Cannabis is a big task. Arizona has marijuana dispensaries that sell all types of marijuana products. However, there are various dispensaries in Arizona to choose from. They offer great deals, options, and recommendations from which you can easily choose. Here is all you need to know when looking to buy your medical marijuana from a dispensary in Arizona:

Choosing a Dispensary in Arizona

There are dispensaries available all over the state of Arizona, including Glendale, Phoenix, and Happy Valley. If you are a first-timer and looking to purchase marijuana from a dispensary, you may use the online map to locate a store near you.

You can also use marijuana online apps to navigate your way to a reputable store. The price of medical marijuana in Arizona ranges from $5 to $100, while the price for recreational herbs ranges from $8 to $300, depending on your buying options.

Benefits of Purchasing from a Dispensary

There are several benefits of purchasing from a registered and licensed dispensary:

Firstly, you can explore various options of cannabis infused products for medical or recreational use like, CBD-infused drinks, edibles, concentrates, topicals, tinctures, and suppositories.

Secondly, if it is your first time making a purchase, you can also enquire about the best strains as per your requirement from the staff at the store. While making a purchase, asking as many questions as possible to better understand the products is always recommended.

Finally, since these dispensaries are duly licensed and operate under state law, you can be sure of the quality of products you will get from them.

If you are searching for the best marijuana to buy, choosing from a reputed dispensary near you is essential to ensure your money is in the right place.

Top Strains Available in Dispensaries of Arizona to Choose From

According to a survey, Arizona is fifth in the United States for its sale of marijuana and Cannabis. There are different varieties of marijuana available for sale based on the requirement. Whether you want to find relaxation, get energy, relieve pain, or are looking for specific flower terpenes or seasonal kicks, you can find all types of strains in the dispensaries. However, the following strains remain the top three best sellers in Arizona for recreational purposes.

  • Euphoria- Gelato – This is one of the most selling strains in Arizona and is known for its mint touch. It is a classic gelato with high THC levels and is a hybrid born from thin mint GSC. There are many gelato and phenos that you can choose from.
  • Afghani- This is one of the most relaxing strains. It is great for weekends and made of pure Indica from the Middle east. For a relaxing time, you can always go for the Afghani strain.
  • Rentz- According to the survey, Rentz held the record for highest sales in Arizona dispensaries when introduced to the market. Rentz is a hybrid cookie strain that smells like fresh candy and is available in purples, greens, blues, and frost colors.

Choosing to buy Cannabis from a dispensary in Arizona is easy as now it is sold legally around the state. As a first-timer, go to a dispensary near you and always ask for all the information before purchasing it.

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