About Ganjly

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Ganjly is your source for news and current issues in the cannabis industry. We deliver timely and relevant content that we believe can benefit cannabis enthusiasts and users.

Through соmmunіtу іnvоlvеmеnt, wе ѕtrіvе tо make роѕіtіvе соnnесtіоnѕ wіth thе movers and shakers іn the industry, to open uр соnvеrѕаtіоn about our beliefs through social media engagement and to еduсаtе the society on the potential роѕіtіvе есоnоmісаl аnd ѕосіаl іmрасtѕ of cannabis and cannabis-related products.

We believe in connecting with people and the cannabis community but the disparity in the cannabis industry is still apparent and the fight to make cannabis legal and accessible to responsible users is on-going.

The road to legalization is still bumpy but we want to take the readers on a good ride by featuring news coverage about cannabis legalization.

Why does Ganjly exists?

Another term for cannabis, Ganja is fused with the suffix for adverb, -ly, to derive the name, Ganjly. We think that Ganjly is more cool than Ganjaly and so we stick to the former. And we’re glad we did because Ganjly is now expanding its definition, mission and goals to a whole new level.

Ganjly is your timely digest of news about cannabis. We are inspired with the 420 code-term, hence the timely aspect of publishing posts pertaining to marijuana, hemp, sativa, indica and other related terms of cannabis.

From the political, medical, philosophical, culinary and entertainment, Ganjly brings quality articles and publishes them to a wide readership through the power of social media.

To synthesize the reasons for Ganjly’s existence, we have come up with this list.

1. Ganjly aims to inform more people aside from the cannabis users about the importance of cannabis in today’s culture.

Because of cannabis, a counterculture has been created to spread the word about cannabis benefits and to defy the government for its continuous sanctions against possession, cultivation and commercialization of cannabis.

But we believe there will be a 360 turn in the political aspect and cannabis will eventually be resurrected to its glory of widespread use.

2. Ganjly brings cannabis activism in a positive way.

Through publishing contents about cannabis, we believe that we have been contributing to the voices of the people who clamor for mainstream legalization of the substance, drug, plant and herb.

3. Ganjly believes that medical marijuana should be accessible in all countries of the world.

We may have a wide North American audience but our target audiences cover the vast continents with English-speaking population.

Despite the increasing activism towards legalization in North America, other parts of the world are still in the dark about cannabis information. A large portion of the Earth’s population have been misinformed and are still at risk of being imprisoned for marijuana possession.

Possessing marijuana is still a high offense in many countries. Many people have been imprisoned because of obtaining and using marijuana intentionally and even unintentionally. The sad times for marijuana should be left in the 20th century, the period where cannabis criminalization was widespread because of malevolent government control.

Most of the decades of the 20th century are the dark time of cannabis. The industrial hemp, the cannabis sativa that could be used in making papers, textiles and even oil and medicine was outlawed and restricted. And it is still in the list of banned plants in many jurisdictions.

Cannabis used to have a reputation for entheogenic use but many are afraid that possession of just an ounce of it can put them behind the bars, if caught.

With many negative connotations about cannabis, it is understandable that many people become ignorant about what advantages cannabis can provide to their lives. We aspire to change that. We want to shift the course of history related to cannabis through factual information dissemination.

Through our publishing and reporting, we can shed the light and spread it to many countries so that they will eventually experience a certain form of redemption without fear of possessing cannabis in just less than an ounce in their pockets.

4. Ganjly is positive that cannabis can help in the development of civilization.

Aside from medical uses, cannabis has also been found out to enhance the cognitive function of an individual. By using it, people can enhance their creativity and can become more productive and positive contributors to the society.

However, because of cannabis prohibition, many people have been suffering from the lack of esteem and the drive. Also because of prohibition, their access to the miracle cure, which is cannabis, is limited and their road to recovery is turning dark by the day.

We believe and hope that things will turn out positively if more people have become aware of the positive advantages of cannabis.

5. Ganjly aims to crash misinformation.

In the spirit of activism, we wish to be the harbinger of information that would bring light to more people, eradicating the notion that marijuana is the number one contributor to the detriment of the society.


1.To publish timely and relevant information about cannabis and cannabis-related products.

2. To inform positive messages and factual data about marijuana, cannabis sativa and other cannabis varieties so more people can be more well-informed about the plant and the strains.

3. To provide highlight on the cannabis legalization updates of states and jurisdictions.

4. To serve as a one-stop shop for cannabis users and enthusiasts.

5. To contribute to the widespread of cannabis culture, not only in North America, but to other parts of the world.


We aspire to be the #1 source for news in the cannabis industry.

We write for the right reasons.

To connect with us, please visit our contact page. We are also active on Twitter, Facebook and Massroots.

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