Surprisingly, cannabis culture is mostly about wellness. The depth of this culture is not about escapism but an integration of the philosophy of medicine together with the holistic system of herbalism. This has been mostly set aside by many to send out their biases towards modern medicine saying it brings more side effects than benefits.

If you think that attaining calmness, relieving pain and experiencing balance is part of the hippie culture, then you may be right. However, with the increasing prevalence of cannabis, making this herb more mainstream, that culture would rise but in a more integrated scale with the mainstream culture.

With many innovations on the rise in the cannabis industry, you’ll be amazed with the different products that you would surely find in many dispensaries.

Take for example botanical blends infused with cannabis oil. This time with a company brand: Alchemy.

The esoteric association of the term alchemy may have brought certain feel of curiosity to the mainstream. But unbeknownst to many, alchemy is the predecessor of chemistry. The scientific methods and procedures of transmuting ordinary and mostly unwanted substance into valuable property is what many have thought of about alchemy. There is a truth to it, in similar fashion to what people could find fascinating in the transmuting of mercury or lead into gold. Well, that’s alchemy.

Perhaps the similar principle has been applied in Alchemy botanical blends by Dark Heart. Blending botanical extracts such as citrus and mint to cannabis sativa has led to Awaken, one of the four varieties of Alchemy cannabis oil and botanical blends that can be used along with Dark Heart vaporizer pens.

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Aside from Awaken, Dark Heart has also infused orange, chai, vanilla and cannabis hybrid to create Inspire. The purpose of which is to “promote the imagination.”

A blend of lavender, chamomile and indica leads to the creation of Relax. Using this botanical oil for the vaporizer pen has an obvious purpose to it — to make you relax and eventually sleep. Essential oil such as lavender and chamomile have been known to induce sleep. These nature-derived substances are great gifts to insomniacs.

Meanwhile, the fourth variety Explore is created with a purpose to boost the senses, the charisma and confidence. A perfect aromatic mix of cannabis hybrid with the florals of rose and jasmin send an interesting alchemical result in conjunction with the Dark Heart vaporizer pens.

The Exploratorium event with Alchemy by Dark Heart being featured

The Alchemy botanical extracts blended with cannabis oil for use in vaporizer pens have been garnering interests among the spectators in the recent cannabis event at the Exploratorium last April 6.

Alchemy Terpene Table1
Audience take a sniff of a variety of cannabis plants blended with botanical extracts from Alchemy by Dark Heart

The After Dark: Cannabis event happened on April 6. They featured various exhibits in the cannabis industry.

Alchemy Terpene Table

Ganjly has been invited to this event to witness and get acquainted with the science of the cannabis plant.

It was also during this event where we, at Ganjly had a great time sniffing and comparing various cannabis plants including hybrids used in the creation of Alchemy by Dark Heart.

Demonstration presented by Dan Grace
Demonstration presented by Dan Grace

We send our gratitude to Alchemy by Dark Heart for that experience. Congratulations for the wonderful show! The event gave us the opportunity to fine tune our smelling senses with the various cannabis hybrids created.

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Cannabis Night Crowd1