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Arman Zeytounyan: Reliable Disposal Solution for Cannabis Operations

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Ecowaste Services, @realecowaste, is a cannabis waste disposal and management company.

They’ve been servicing the cannabis industry early this year and have been in the medical waste industry since 2011 with their sister company Biowaste, Inc. 

We got this wonderful opportunity to interview Co-founder Arman Zeytounyan. Read on to learn more about him and his company, EcoWaste Services.

What’s your background and what made you decide to enter the cannabis industry? 

Arman Zeytounyan: I actually have a pretty mixed background, running various types of businesses, but marketing has always been what stuck.

It was because of my interest and passion for consumer behavior that got me into the cannabis space.

It all began in 2015 when I joined my current business partners company, BioWaste, Inc, which is a medical waste management company that launched in 2011.

I came on board to help grow the company and in 2016 we founded EcoWaste Services.

At the time Ecowaste was focused on organic waste materials.

Green or “yard” waste and food waste. It wasn’t until January of this year that we started to get calls for cannabis.

That’s when we decided to pivot and enter the cannabis industry.

Because of our extensive specialized waste experience we knew that our insight would provide a reliable cannabis waste service.

What are some of your cannabis waste services? Where do you think the industry is going in terms of cannabis waste management? 

Arman Zeytounyan: What we do is really one service with many moving parts.

Each part of our cannabis waste management service is designed to be effective and compliant. I’m proud to say we’ve already helped many clients pass their inspections.

Essentially we provide the container that cannabis operations use for their cannabis waste, organize the collections, dispose the cannabis waste, and provide documentation necessary for State compliance.

Naturally there are many other details involved, mainly revolving around compliance with all the regulating agencies (BCC, CalCannabis/CDFA, CDPH) in California.

At its core waste management is a pretty straightforward process.

There’s only a handful of ways to properly handle any type of waste, specifically specialized waste like cannabis.

I don’t think there’s much that can be changed in waste management, only some fine tuning.

For example, currently the regulations require that cannabis operations must render the materials they wish to dispose as unrecognizable and unusable.

It’s a pretty vague requirement and definitely needs to be explained further to give operations a better understanding of what that really means.

This might sound like a simple question but where does the cannabis waste go?  

Arman Zeytounyan: If a cannabis operation doesn’t have a service like ours at Ecowaste, they dispose the cannabis into traditional dumpsters.

These dumpsters end up going to the landfills. Besides the penalties an operation will get from failing to follow proper cannabis waste management regulations landfill have an effective on our atmosphere.

What we currently do to divert cannabis waste from going into landfills is working with composting facilities to take the organic cannabis waste and process it into a useful material like mulch and so on.

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What is Ecowaste’s strategy? 

Arman Zeytounyan: Ecowaste has a simple mission. To provide a trusted and reliable cannabis waste management solution.

A service that doesn’t break the bank and has a team with experience to provide the highest grade of customer service.

It goes without saying that compliance is also a huge part of our culture. Every day we work to find new ways of educating the industry.

Many cannabis business owners take compliance seriously.

That being said you’ll find a decent amount not interested in following the regulations to its full extent. Especially when it comes to cannabis waste.

However we’re confident that even those individuals will come around and see the value in our service.

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What makes Ecowaste stand out from competitors? 

Arman Zeytounyan: Without a question it is the experience we have that allows us to provide a reliable service.

Cannabis operations want to feel safe with the providers they work with.

Our years providing a similar service gives us unmeasurable insight in comparison from any competition.

Cannabis operations feel comfortable knowing they are working with a company that has already proven itself.

Furthermore, we have a keen eye for compliance.

Every detail of our process is done to ensure a cannabis operation passes their waste inspections with flying colors and never has to worry about managing their cannabis waste.

We do all the heavy lifting.

Lastly, I’ll say our customer experience is also what make us unique. We understand the community and can speak the same language.

When a client calls us they feel welcomed and relaxed. They can ask any question without any hesitation.

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Do you have any upcoming services or technology that you’d like to hint at?

Arman Zeytounyan: All I can say at this time is soon we’ll be doing something really cool with how the cannabis waste is re-purposed so stay tuned! 😉

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Thank you so much Arman for taking the time to do the interview. If you want to be educated on cannabis waste management, head on over to their website

More info about Ecowaste Services from Arman:

Our service is completely streamlined to help cannabis operations, cultivators, retails, manufactures, labs, etc. stay compliant with the State regulations.

Included in our service we provide our clients secured waste receptacles to use for cannabis waste.

These containers are serialized and at each collection we scan, weigh, and replace them with clean new ones.

Everything is recorded into our manifesting system and the client receives a digital manifest via email with all the needed information.

They also have access to their manifests and account through our online client portal. 

In addition, we include a waste management plan, or SOP, for their applications and records. We’ve helped many client pass their waste inspections. 

Because our history in the medical waste space we knew we had the right tools and experience to provide a trusted and reliable cannabis waste service for the industry.

Not many people are aware of the cannabis waste regulations and we put out every effort to educate the industry.

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