Asad and Razia: Educating Consumers on Cannabis Use for Rheumatoid Arthritis, Inflammation and PTSD

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In this episode, I interview Asad and Razia Shalami, the founders of ZAR Wellness, and their impactful work in the wellness industry. Having personally battled chronic insomnia, PTSD, and rheumatoid arthritis, Asad, a former US Army veteran, and Razia turned to CBD and THC products.

The dramatic improvements in their own health led them to establish ZAR Wellness, extending their personal victories to veterans and others facing similar health struggles. Asad and Razia’s transformation from CBD and THC consumers to providers speaks volumes about their dedication to helping others.

The pair have a compelling story to share about their commitment to personalized care, quality product provision, and educational initiatives about the endocannabinoid system. Another highlight of their mission is the significant veteran support they offer through a unique 22% daily discount.

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