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Benefits Of One Hitters And Concealed Cannabis Options

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The results of various medical studies already point to the global acceptance of cannabis use. Research finds that the use of cannabis or any product derived from it may reduce the feeling of anxiety and manage several types of pain. However, the stigma surrounding cannabis—as an addictive substance—can easily discourage someone from trying it out in the first place. Not to mention that publicly lighting cannabis may be alarming to those around you.

Fortunately, you can smoke cannabis discretely and even lessen the odor associated with it. This can be done through the use of a one-hitter or other apparatus designed to conceal cannabis use.

What Is A One Hitter?

Also referred to as a ‘chillum’ or a ‘bat,’ a one-hitter is a small pipe that holds an amount of cannabis good for one hit. You can find many samples of one-hitters online, and one of those is the Dart one hitter pipe.

Depending on your preference and style, a one-hitter comes in various types of materials—glass or metal being the most common. This device is shaped like a tube, with a bowl-like shaped on one end and a mouthpiece on the other. With this design, a one-hitter mimics the look of an ordinary cigarette, giving you total discretion when using it.

Furthermore, you can also use a one-hitter part of a ‘dugout.’ Dugouts provide space that holds the ‘bat’ and the pre-ground cannabis. This gives you the chance to twist the end of the one-hitter into the ground flower, making it easy to pack. 

Benefits Of Using One-Hitters

There are several benefits of using one-hitters. It can fit the lifestyle of recreational smokers who are always on the go. These benefits include:

  • Discreet

As one of the smallest types of pipes available and even the fact that it’s designed to mimic a cigarette, a one-hitter is perfect for cannabis users who want to discreetly take a quick ‘toke.’

In addition to its compact design, a one-hitter also fits conveniently into your pocket. Also, it doesn’t attract the attention of prying eyes. Thus, as you walk along the street, you can simply get your one-hitter, take a quick puff, and no one will notice that you’re already consuming your dose of cannabis.

  • Less Odor

To boost the discretion it provides, a one-hitter produces far less smell than any other smoking method. The reason for this is that the majority of smoke goes directly into your lungs rather than the surrounding air. Hence, when smoking with a one-hitter, you won’t be drawing any attention. However, a one-hitter still produces a tell-tale aroma of cannabis when you exhale the smoke. But it may not be as noticeable if you are smoking in an open area.

  • Avoids Overindulgence

Since a one-hitter is designed for single puffs, it uses less amount of weed. Also, because of the small bowls that it comes along, you’ll be able to conserve the amount of weed you’re consuming, allowing you to accurately estimate the THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) you’re taking.

Hence, if you want your supply to last longer or you don’t want to constantly buy cannabis online, the one-hitter is a perfect device.

  • Best For Microdosing

It’s important to note that not all users are looking for the psychoactive experience associated with marijuana use. There are also users that want to minimize cannabis usage. If one or both of these is your case, you should consider microdosing

Microdosing entails the administration of a drug (cannabis) in low doses, but high enough to experience the benefit and avoid any possible side effects. With a one-hitter, you rest assured that you only get two to five milligrams of THC per puff. This means that you still get to harness the possible benefits of marijuana without experiencing its unwanted side effects.

Final Words

As with any other drugs, it’s best to consult your doctor first before buying a one-hitter. By going to your doctor, they can fully warn you of the possible side effects that you may experience when you smoke cannabis, especially if weed will contradict any medication that you’re currently taking. 

Also, to fully benefit from a one-hitter, it’s best to ask advice from seasoned users or online forums, specifically on how to use it, the best types of one-hitter, and the best time of day to take a puff of weed. 

If your doctor already gives you the go-signal and you’ve done your research on the best one hitter available in the market, all that’s left for you to do is to purchase one so you’ll be able to enjoy a discreet way of consuming weed!

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