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14 Cannabis Gifts for 4/20 (THC and CBD Goodies)

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What should I get my buddies for 4/20? Every year, we feature new and upcoming cannabis products in celebration of 4/20. Buy yourself a gift or buy it for your loved one. There’s a gift for every weed-smoking buddy and for hemp lovers as well. You’re sure to find something for everyone. Check them out!

THC Living Lemonade

thc lemonade
THC Living created delicious cannabis-infused beverages in three sugar-free flavors: Mango Lemonade, Pink Lemonade, and Arnie 50/50 (a mix of Lemonade and Ice Tea). We highly recommend their beverages. Drink it solo or use it to mix with your drinks. Using their proprietary Water Soluble Technology, the nano-sized THC molecules are quickly absorbed by the body so you don’t have to wait for the usual 2-hours. Each 16oz THC Living Lemonade delivers 100mg THC and is super refreshing. This is a must-try cannabis product for the 4/20 celebration and of course, enjoy responsibly.


stashlogix cases

As we celebrate 4/20, we also think about safely securing our stash especially from the kiddos. Stashlogix has the best secure cases and bags for cannabis. It’s discreet and stylish with their advanced “Activated Carbon Fiber” fabric. All their products are smell-proof and has a three-digit programmable combination lock. The Silverton cases are in a hard shell that has build in dividers that are also modular. The Durango bag is a fanny pack that can also be converted as a shoulder sling, perfect for everyday carry. The RiNo, their largest bag is a top-shelf messenger bag, that has adjustable, odor-absorbing adjustable dividers and a charging port. And the Alma is perfect for the vapers out there with its elastic loops to hold your vaporizers, cartridges and batteries. Now is the perfect time to buy yourself or your loved one a Stashlogix bag as they’re 25% off on all cases for the 4/20 celebration.


Da Vinci IQ2

best weed vaporizer

DaVinci IQ2 Vaporizer is a must-have to help you celebrate 4/20. This is one of the best portable, dual-use vaporizer that we have ever had. It is also the most advanced dry herb vaporizer. The new air dial adjusts the airflow plus it can track and report your vape dose per draw and session. The temperature control is precise and provides you a cooler vapor. You can measure your product strength and adjust the temperature on your IQ2 accordingly. Trust us when we say that adjusting the heat to different temperatures will change your vaping experience. Use GANJLY20 to get 20% off any purchase from the DaVinci website.


smilyn wellness

Smilyn’s mission is simple. It’s to create premium quality CBD products that are affordable and leave you smiling. They offer customers a diverse range of products from tinctures to gummies to vapes. Their premium hemp extract is all-natural and safe from plants grown in the US. They use the highest quality CBD isolate in all their product formulations. Smilyn uses an advanced cloning process that guarantees the sustained enhancement of its genetic strains.

No, Thank You Mini Lip Balms

No, Thank You’s Mini Lip Balms are scientifically formulated to lock in moisture and prevent water loss on your lips. Their natural ingredients like Vanilla and Peppermint oil calm and soothe irritated lips and work very well with sensitive skin. It also forms a protective barrier on the surface of the lips to prevent it from drying out. The Cocoa Butter and Lanolin intensely moisturize your lips and the full-spectrum CBD oil soothes the irritated lips.

HighOnLove Dark Chocolate Body Paint

highonlove body paint

HighOnLove has been well-known for its wellness and intimacy collection. One of their popular product is the HighOnLove Dark Chocolate Body Paint which was inspired by chocolatiers in Brussels. It contains premium-grade hemp seed oil and is made in small batches to guarantee its high quality. The effects of this body paint give the couple a euphoric sensation and is a wonderful addition to intimate play. This thing is incredible.


quattreau cbd

Quatreau is a very popular CBD beverage. It is sparkling water infused with 20mg of CBD isolate and has only 25 calories! This way, you can get your daily dose of high-quality hemp with zero sugar and zero THC. The drinks are very refreshing and come in four delicious flavors: Ginger + Lime, Blueberry + Acai, Cucumber + Mint and Passion Fruit + Guava. It will calm you when you need to relax and the best part is that it tastes so good. Try it for yourself or give it as a gift!


Cold Brew Martini Kit featuring Jägermeister Cold Brew Coffee

Did you know that 4/20 is also National Cold Brew Day? Jägermeister is celebrating 4/20 in a different way and they have come up with a limited edition Cold Brew Martini Kit featuring Jägermeister Cold Brew Coffee. In the kit will include the two things that you need for a refreshing cold brew martini: a bottle of Jägermeister Cold Brew Coffee and a can of cold brew from Chicago’s Dark Matter Coffee. The Jägermeister Cold Brew Coffee is a blend of the classic liqueur, coffee, and a hint of chocolate. When we say limited, we mean there are only 420 of these kits available. Pre-order now at this link. Jägermeister is also rolling out limited edition 4/20-themed merchandise that includes a Jägermeister Herb Grinder, a Jägermeister Shot Tray, and a Starter Pack that will be available only on Wednesday, April 20th at


Whisl: CBD Vaporizer and Vape Pods

whisl cbd vape

For those that want to celebrate 4/20 with CBD, Whisl CBD Vaporizer and Vape Pods provides you with everything you need. It’s rechargeable, lightweight and comes in two colors: Warm Grey or Deep Blue. All three of their CBD vape pods are nicotine-free and non-intoxicating. It has 200mg of purified CBD isolate, natural botanicals and Propylene glycol. Expect to feel calm and relaxed with Whisl. For 4/20, Canopy Growth brands and products will be providing a 15-25% discount on bundles (depending on value) and a 15% discount on subscriptions when customers sign up for auto-ship on monthly recurring shipments. 



lit farms boston cream pie

LIT Farms is a lifestyle cannabis brand focused on top quality genetics from the LITFarms portfolio. Their artistic designs bring a certain appeal to their customers, while their award winning strains and seeds bring the goods. Their new Boston Cream Pie is a combination of Georgia Pie and Project 4516. Boston Cream Pie boasts relaxation effects, while bringing a sweet, fruity flavor with hints of pine and earth, and can help improve mood. Watermelon Mimosa is crafted with the confluence of Watermelon Zkittlez and Jesus OG #10. This indica dominant strain will lighten your mood, provide heavy body effects, and bring a hint of watermelon to your high. 

Little Dipper Dab Straw Vaporizer by Dip Devices

The Little Dipper Dab Straw Vaporizer by Dip Devices was recently awarded Best New Product at The HQ Event. It’s the result of combining a new Vapor Tip technology with a powerful battery and a durable, pocket-sized design, the newest product from Dip Devices and the most affordable in their lineup. Users can have concentrate straight from the container, whether you’re home or on the move. It comes with a reliable battery that has double the capacity of comparable vaporizers. 



Kushley is New England’s most trusted and preferred cannabis odor neutralizer. Choose from their organic, all-natural products: Pure Soy Candles, Hand, Face & Body Lotion, Foaming Hand Soap, Wax & Resin Hand Cleaner, Hemp Lip Balm, and even Pet Shampoo. It’s biodegradable, safe for people and pets, purely organic, and handcrafted right here in the USA. It’s a local, small and woman-owned business. We love how Kushley allows us to be discrete, safe, and responsible. Their products are very effective in neutralizing cannabis odor. It biodegrades any organic odor on contact. Try it for yourself or give this as a gift to your smoker friends. You can also use this in your home or office diffuser to get rid of other unwanted odors. It restores and freshens up your space. See what their customers are saying and check out their products at

Care By Design

new care by design cbd

Care By Design has expanded its hemp and CBD product line to include lifestyle & wellness products. They have rolled out three new topical treatments made with their premium signature ratio CBD. Their product line is Cruelty-Free, Sulfate-Free, Paraben Free, made with USA Sun Grown Hemp, and tested 3X to ensure cleanliness and efficacy.
Cooling Cream is meant to soothe aches and pains. Hand and Body Lotion is great for those common dry spots. Muscle Balm is specifically formulated to help with the after-effects of more serious, intense physical exercise.
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