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Best Bongs and Weed Vaporizers to Buy this Year

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They are our best picks for #bongs and #weed vaporizers you should try out this year.

We have seen beautiful vapes and bongs in the cannabis industry over the years and this year we round up our top picks.  

Our criteria for picking are quality, design, heating-element, and value-for-money.

This is part 2 of 3 of the Best of the Best series.

  1. Best CBD Products
  2. Best Bongs and Weed Vaporizers
  3. Best Cannabis Products and Accessories

At a glance: Our Top Picks for Bong and Vape Cannabis Companies



My Bud Vase

Zeus Arc GTS Hub


Da Vinci 

Linx Vapor

Humboldt Vape Tech




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Arizer’s premium award-winning dry herb vaporizers — with app-free custom session settings and the original Refillable Glass Pod Vaporizer System — are easy to use, easy to clean and produce strong, smooth, and tasty vapor. Vaporize natural oils directly from your legal organic flower to enjoy pure flavors and maximize potency with no additives, middleman, or tampering. Cultivate the connoisseur in you and experience why Arizer is better by design.


PCKT One Plus Vaporizer


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The PCKT One Plus vaporizer is very compact and discreet but with solid body design. It fit easily in your pocket. It has a built-in high capacity 660mah battery, with 3 practical power modes for absolute control. The unique magnetic adapters make it compatible to connect with any universal 510 cartridges. It has pass-through charging and a 5-click on/off feature. This allows for versatile function and safety when not in use. We love the design of this vape and the PCKT One Plus vaporizer comes in different colors as well.


My Bud Vase

best bongs
Photo Credit on all My Bud Vase images: Photographer Sorin Popa @sorinpopa.ro

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My Bud Vase is the leading water pipe in the market. It has won various design awards as every bong is beautiful as it is very functional. Founder and designer, Doreen Sullivan, has created elegant works of art in all of her My Bud Vases. Many of her creations are inspired by her travels, each one with a beautiful history and story to share. It can be easily concealed in plain sight. When not in use, place these vase-themed water pipes with removable faux flowers in any part of your house as decor. It is hard not to fall in love with these water pipes. My Bud Vase has become the high-class glass solution for smoking.


Zeus Arc GT

Zeus Arc Gt and Zeus Accessories

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Zeus has an amazing product line from vapes to grinders. The flagship product is its award-winning Zeus Arc GT which is a lightweight, peak performance dry herb vaporizer. This vape is engineered in Germany and infused with automotive German precision DNA. Inside is a gold conduction chamber and gold vapor path that offers huge vapor production and thus giving an elevated experience. Inside also is an accelerometer, built-in multi-tool, three temperature cycles, USB charging, and upgradeable firmware. The Zeus Arc GT comes packed with a 3500mah battery for 90 minutes of battery life. 


FLIP Ultra only at O2VAPE

best weed vape

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The Patented FLIP Ultra is the latest upgrade and most advanced of the FLIP vape pen. Its ceramic cell 510 cart in gunmetal has won an award. What is cool about it is that you can hide the cartridge by pushing downward and just flip it open with one click of the button. The digital display features a puff counter, voltage data, and battery life. It keeps you vaping longer because of its large battery size of 550mah. And there is a lifetime warranty on the battery too! One awesome feature is also the dual charging port where you can use a lighting cord (iPhone) or a micro USB. The range of power is wider from 2.7V to 4.8V with an auto on and off feature. There is a flip lock to keep your cart where you want it and disabled when closed. This is one of the unique vapes we have ever encountered. Buy it exclusively at O2VAPE, a USA veteran-owned company since 2013. They have a no receipt, no further purchase necessary lifetime warranty.


DaVinci iQ2 Vaporizer

best weed vaporizer

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Kudos to DaVinci for releasing the IQ2, their newest, cooler vapor that will give you the ultimate flavor and control. It is built with medical-grade components. The IQ2 gives you precision temperature and adjustable airflow. It also allows you to track and report your dose per draw and session. The IQ2 has a new Air Dial feature for adjustable airflow. It can adjust your device for easier draws. The result is a vapor that is 50% cooler than other vaporizers. Reduce your draw resistance and experience bigger, denser vapor with the new IQ2 vaporizer by DaVinci. Get the DaVinci IQ2 vaporizer here and use the special code GANJLY20 to get a 20% discount on all purchases made in the site – DaVinci Website.


Linx Eden

linx eden

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The Linx Eden is a true convection vaporizer for just under $100. It is one of the most powerful dry herb vaporizers in the market today. Eden by Linx Vapor won “Best Portable Convection Vaporizers of 2019” and it won 1st place from The Vape Guide. The vape is made out of solid steel finish and looks sleek and elegant. It is small and compact and yet packs a lot of power. You get the purest flavor because of their pure quartz chamber and air insulation. It cooks your buds like a little oven. Included also are Lava Plates steel pads that allow the Eden to be used with concentrates. Seriously, this vape is a must-try.


Humboldt Vape Tech

humboldt vape tech

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Vic Arvizu, the founder of Humboldt Vape Tech, saw the need for discreet and portable vapes for concentrates. Through countless research, design, testing, and reinvention, Humboldt Vape Tech is proud to offer several atomizers, mods, kits, accessories, and coils. Their first atomizer, Sai is their best-selling atomizer. It comes with a Kanthal with Black Ceramic coil pre-installed. The Sequoia is like a big brother to the Sai but just a little bigger. This is succeeded by the New Sequoia. Pair the atomizer with the EzSai, a 510 thread-box mod with different temperature controls. They have perfected their products with the support and crucial feedback of their early users making Humbold Vape Tech one of the pioneers in the cannabis industry.


Thanks for reading our best bongs and weed vaporizers. For entrepreneurs who are interested to start their own brand in the vape industry, one can contact a cannabis vape manufacturer.  

Proceed to part 3, the last installment of our Best of the Best series: Best Cannabis Products and Accessories.

  1. Best CBD Products to Buy
  2. Best Bongs and Weed Vaporizers
  3. Best Cannabis Products and Accessories

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