What are the Best CBD Products for Anxiety

what are the best cbd products for anxiety

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The best CBD products for anxiety begins with understanding how anxiety occurs in the first place, how CBD works to relieve this, and then the different types of hemp-derived CBD products available that are most effective for curbing anxious feelings.

We will be listing the most effective CBD products for anxiety from least to most effective.

According to science, there is no concluded cause for anxiety, other than the acknowledgment of issues within the brain and neurotransmitters.

What they have found, is that there are many types of anxiety and mood-related disorders including social, panic, separation as well as many other types.

All of which are affected by the interconnectivity and communication between neurotransmitters.

Science is not sure exactly why these issues occur, but they have generally located the areas in the brain in which they occur.

CBD has been found to impact the same neuroreceptors in the brain that affect Anxiety and mood related receptors.

The specific way in which CBD works is through your endocannabinoid system. Without getting into too much science detail, the endocannabinoid system consists of endocannabinoids, a specific type of neurotransmitter that connects to our cannabinoid receptors.

These receptors play an important role in our brain function and processes as a part of our Central Nervous System (CNS). Through these receptors, CBD can directly help your brain with anxious feelings and symptoms.

CBD, which stands for cannabinoid, would be absorbed through your body through sublingual, ingestion or inhalation methods.

It then moves throughout your bloodstream and eventually makes its way to your brain and CNS. The CBD binds and connects to those receptors in your brain that control the anxiety, stress, pain, sleep and more.

Then it messages to your receptors telling them to almost literally “stop” or “calm down” the feeling of anxiety, and the other symptoms mentioned.

CBD directly impacts our CB1 receptors, and affect serotonin levels that are suggested to play a large role in our moods and feelings.

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CBD For Anxiety Studies

One study from 2010 did a trial on people for Social Anxiety Disorder using a placebo versus a daily dose of 400mg of CBD oil.

The study then analyzed the differences in brain blood flow. It found that CBD had a large effect on subjective anxiety, which is anxiety through experience.

Such as behavior, thoughts, feeling, social settings etc… The study concluded that CBD oil likely has an effect on Social Anxiety Disorders and an overall drop in anxiety.

Another CBD study in the same study found similar evidence when testing subjects in a “Simulated Public Speaking” experiment.

In this experiment, they gave the subjects 300mg of CBD in competition with four other drugs during a double-blind test.

They were testing for anxiety and heart rate levels. When completed, they found that the CBD helped reduce anxiety after the test was complete.

Hinting that CBD has a large role in helping people deal with stressful situations.

Now that you understand how CBD helps anxiety, what are the most effective CBD products for anxiety? Starting from least effective to most effective:

6. CBD Gummy Bears (Gummies)

Product Description: CBD Gummy Bears, also called Gummies can consist of Full Spectrum or THC-Free Hemp-derived CBD oil depending on the brand and the way the CBD is extracted.

Brands inject CBD oil into bit sized gummy bears, and suggest users to eat 1-2 gummies once or twice a day.

The downside: For anxiety, CBD gummies are not a great option. This is because of their lower amount of CBD, with a range of 5-10mg of CBD per gummy bear, as well as their method of ingestion.

The bioavailability or effectiveness rate of a gummy bear is “watered down” through the process of stomach ingestion.

One study from 2019 found that the bioavailability of consumption through ingestion to be around 6-20%.

This can range due to many variabilities including but not limited to metabolic rate, genetics, height/weight, taken on a full or empty stomach etc…

However, with a 20% maximum absorption rate, you would likely need to eat a lot of cannabidiol gummy bears to achieve results for anxiety, stress and mood.

What are CBD Gummies Good For: CBD gummies can be great before bed for sleep, and relaxing. Just not very useful for intense anxieties or even pains.

How to take CBD Gummies: Eat 1-2 gummy bears per day before bed or as a daily snack.

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5. CBD Slabs (Isolates)

Product description: Similar to CBD gummy bears isolate slabs are ingested through your stomach.

Meaning the absorption rate of 6-20%. The difference is that CBD slabs is made from 99% pure CBD powder versus an already processed oil.

This makes the CBD higher concentrated as it is not mixed with a carrier oil such as coconut oil, like how full spectrum CBD oil is.

The downside: CBD slabs have been found to pack a punch for sleep help, but not so much for moderate to severe anxiety.

Not only that, but the containers are small and not many brands carry CBD slabs.

Like gummies, slabs should be taken for minor symptoms and effect. Not for anxiety related symptoms.

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4. CBD Capsule Pills & Softgels

Product description: CBD capsules can come in both pill and softgel form depending on the brand.

The capsule can also include around 25-30mg of CBD per capsule, making them a higher dosage than CBD Gummy Bears.

Each capsule is usually made with full spectrum CBD and usually has extra amino acids, terpenes (essential oils), cannabinoids, and vitamins.

The downside: These come in fourth, because just like the previous CBD products, they are ingested with a 6-20% effectiveness rate, and do not have a very high dosage of CBD.

However, they are higher than the slab and gummies, and have been found to help with minor to moderate anxiety, stress, and sleep.

How to take CBD Capsules: Capsules should be taken similarly to CBD gummies, 1-2 times a day. Either after anxiety-inducing incidents, as noted by the study labeled above, or as a snack or before you go to bed.

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3. CBD Isolate Powder

Product description: CBD is isolate powder is the pure powdered form of Hemp CBD.

This powder is 100% CBD isolate, meaning it is not full spectrum. Not only is the isolate powder the best bang for the buck, but it is also great for anxiety as you can use it to make your own version of CBD oils.

This means you can make 500mg, 1000mg, 5000mg of CBD oil tinctures on your own.

Due to the high dosage, this is a great option for anxiety, stress and even pain because you can take high dosages.

This also means a higher bioavailability.

However, the downside to this is making sure you buy high-quality isolate with lab results and a Certification of Analysis.

The potency and effectiveness of the isolate CBD powder can be affected by the quality and process of CBD extraction.

As well, many people use CBD powder to add to drinks, beverages, morning coffee, or just about anything.

Which like the gummies and capsules, has a lower absorption and effectiveness rate.

Meaning that for anxiety, the benefits will be slightly reduced. The difference with the isolate is that you can take 250+ milligrams of CBD instead of 5mg-30mg.

This along with the oil you use as a base might affect the effectiveness as well. Coconut oil is a popular option.

How to take CBD Isolate powder: CBD isolate can be taken in multiple ways, as stated above.

They can be taken in conjunction with drinks and beverages such as your morning coffee, nightly tea, orange juice. Anything.

Just make sure that you have an unflavored or the right flavored option to fit how you will be using it.

For feelings of anxiety, stress, and nervousness however, I suggest using the CBD isolate powder in oil and taken under your tongue.

I will talk into this later, but the instructions are the same.

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2. CBD Vape Pens:

If it was not for the unknown possibility of vapable products having a negative impact on our lungs and long-term health, CBD Vape Pens would be #1 on this list.

Remarkably, CBD vapes have a bioavailability rate of around 31-35%! The highest average on this list.

Because of the method of intake, a la inhalation, CBD vapes are around 5x more effective than any other product on this list.

Our lungs our large and porous, so inhaling CBD has almost an immediate effect and peak within 10-15 minutes of inhaling.

This can be very useful for those with anxiety because you can take a “hit” whenever you feel anxious or have a panic attack.

With almost immediate benefits and relief. And on average no side effects. CBD vapes range in strength averaging from 15-50mg. I have seen benefits with vapes 30mg and up.

Which one to take for specific anxiety needs would more likely be up to trial and error than any specific dosage calculation.

I suggest trying one’s for yourself until you find what works. Again, I would read the ingredients before you buy any specific brand.

There should only be a few ingredients, including vegetable glycerin and CBD.

How to take CBD vapes: Take 2-4 puffs maximum each time CBD vape relief is needed.

The effects wear off fairly quickly, so you may need to use the pen twice to three times a day. I do not suggest more than that.

The downside: The reason why CBD vapes are second on this list on the first, is that they only last for 1-2 hours before fading off rapidly.

That means for anxiety, it can be great for short-term needs such as social anxiety, temporary work anxiety, nervousness, presentations or interactions, dates and other temporary needs.

The lack of a long-term effect makes vapes less useful for constant states of anxiety, stress or depression.

Unless taken many times throughout the day.

Which I do not recommend. Additionally, the fact that vapable products are an extremely new industry, and a very new type of product compared to other inhalable products such as cigarettes and marijuana, not much is known about the long-term effects of vaping.

However, CBD vapes are a little bit different. They contain zero nicotine, meaning they are not addicting.

Most ingredients consist of glycerin and hemp CBD extract. Therefore, despite the effectiveness of vaping CBD for moderate to severe forms of anxiety, depression and other mental states, CBD vapes are second on this list.

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  1. CBD oil Tinctures:

That brings us to #1, which to some is not surprising. CBD oil tinctures are the most popular and are the most effective CBD products for anxiety.

A human study conducted in 2015 tested for anxiety disorders noticed CBD oil to be a potential treatment “at oral doses ranging from 300 to 600mg.”

The study then acknowledged that no concerning side effects developed from the use of the CBD oil.

CBD oil tinctures are the best products for anxiety and stress partly because of the fact that there is a moderate amount of evidence and studies to back up this claim.

The other reason why CBD oil tinctures, including both THC-Free and Full Spectrum, are great for anxiousness and social anxiety is that they also have the highest absorption rate of any products on this list except for CBD vape pens at a rate of 20%-35%.

Again, this is affected by a plethora of factors. But CBD oils are still the best performing product since you ingest them sublingually (under the tongue), which enters the bloodstream without having to be ingested by your stomach. Making the bioavailability higher.

How to take CBD oil tinctures for anxiety: They should be taken once in the morning before work, class, or any stressful situation.

Then once again at night preferably 30 minutes before you sleep, and not on an empty stomach.

I always suggest starting with a 500mg CBD oil tincture with only a few drops to start, then slowly increase in time to maybe a 1000mg or 1500mg+ to receive the effects you are looking for.

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In the end, the best CBD for Anxiety mostly depends on your own needs and personal preference.

This guide provides you general knowledge of the types of CBD products, how they may help, and how to use them.

However, you have to understand and test your current situation and symptoms to see what is right for you.

I also suggest using more than one CBD product for anxiety, as they compound with each other for even more benefits.

Such as a vape and a CBD oil tincture. This compounding effect is known as the “entourage effect”.

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