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How is Fresh Weed Important for The Best Weed Experience in Surrey?

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Not all weed is the same. You have probably seen weed buyers smelling or squeezing the buds between the fingers to feel the structure. Seasoned weed smokers can tell high-quality weed, but it is not that easy? A person who understands different weed qualities can tell the difference by feel, smell, appearance, flower structure. But it takes experience to reach such levels.

The best weed experience comes from the top-shelf bud. If you are from the streets, you must be familiar with terms like “Private Reserve,” “loud,” “fire,” and “dank.” All these terms refer to high-quality weed, while terms like “schwag,” “brick,” “ditch,” and “bunk” refer to low-quality weed.

If you rely on Weed Delivery services, you need to know how to choose fresh weed if you want a good experience. Weed is best when it’s still fresh, and you can smell its aroma.

Once cannabis is harvested, it starts undergoing a curing process. The raw leaves of cannabis contain excess starch, nutrients, and sugars, but these are released once the plant is harvested. There is a difference, though, between fresh weed and poorly dried weed. Fresh weed should be husky on the touch and smooth on the throat with a strong aroma and flavor. When weed is poorly dried, it will not give the natural earthly aroma and flavor of weed.

Why You Need Fresh Weed to Have the Best Weed Experience

1.    Fresh Weed is Highly Potent

The experience weed offers all comes down to potency. If your weed is not potent, it will not give the desired effects, and if it does, it will be so mild. The potency of weed depends on the concentration of cannabinoids, especially THC.

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In fresh weed, all the cannabinoids are almost intact, and they can offer maximum effects. However, weed loses its potency with the duration of storage. The degradation of cannabinoids begins immediately after harvesting. That’s why it is essential to store your weed away from heat and other weather elements to keep it fresh.

Cannabis, like all plant matter, is susceptible to oxidation and can lose as much as 74% of its THC content during storage. But it is not just THC that undergoes degradation during storage; other molecules also undergo changes over time and can rearrange and change the physical composition of cannabis, which affects quality and potency.

The cannabinoids exert their effects in their natural state. If they disintegrate to other compounds, then you might get different results than you expected. To avoid such outcomes, ensure that you get your weed fresh.

2.    Aroma and Flavor

A fresh cannabis cure will enhance the flavor and smoothness of smoke and add a strong aroma. For weed smokers, the fun doesn’t just come from smoking the bud but also from the aroma and flavor it releases. You can tell the freshness of your cannabis by its aroma and flavor. The fresher the bud, the stronger the aroma and flavor, which are important factors for any weed experience.

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Terpenes are what contribute to the characteristic aroma of weed. The problem with terpenes is that they degrade easily if weed is poorly stored, stored for too long, or exposed to air. So, you want your buds fresh before the terpenes degrade too much.

3.    Terpenes and flavonoids are still Intact

Fresh weed contains high levels of terpenes, which contribute to an energetic high, which is what you want. If the weed is stale and these compounds have been destroyed, you will get a tiring high. So, you will feel tired and lazier when high from stale weed. For a party or any social event, that’s not the kind of high you’d want to experience.

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Terpenes also have many other effects, some of which are similar to the effects of cannabinoids. Terpenes are muscle relaxants, anxiolytics, sedatives, plus many other effects that contribute to the effects of cannabis. Without these compounds, your cannabis won’t feel the same.

Cannabis contains over 200 terpenes, which degrade when exposed to light, air, heat, and humidity. The more weed is stored, the more it undergoes terpenes and cannabinoid degradation. Consequently, the flavor, potency, and overall quality of the weed will reduce.

4.    The Entourage Effect

Scientists have confirmed the synergic effect of the compounds in cannabis. Fresh weed is rich in cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, polyphenols, and other compounds. These compounds have different effects on the body, but they also enhance each other’s effects. So, when you take fresh weed, you will get a better experience as opposed to stale weed, which has some of the compounds broken down already.

The entourage or the synergic effect of cannabis compounds makes the active compounds more effective than in isolation. This synergy also brings a balance in the effects of different compounds. For example, CBD helps tame the effects of THC, making it more tolerable.


If you want to have the best weed experience in Surrey, make sure you order fresh weed. Of course, this is not easy to do if you are making an order online. Therefore, choose the top cannabis vendors who have proven quality products.

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