At Ganjly, we believe that medicinal cannabis is real and helps in pain management. We found Rai Kai Edibles and their creation of medicinal cannabis products. In this interview, we learn how Rai Kai Edibles started their Better Baked Bark edibles, what challenges they have faced in the cannabis industry and how Better Baked Bark has helped their customers with chronic pain and sleep problems.

better baked bark

Ganjly: What made you go into the edibles? How did you get started into the business of Better Baked Bark?

Rai Kai Edibles: Each of the co-founders of RaiKai Edibles comes from an entrepreneurial background.  One of the founders had been in chronic pain due to the physical demands that came from a successful tennis teaching career.  A tennis client suggested medical marijuana would help with the pain far better than any over the counter medicine would.  Taking medical marijuana helped what years of traditional medical wisdom did not.

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The other co-founder enjoyed baking as a hobby.  Cakes, cookies, brownies and anything else sweet was always on the menu.  A dinner party brought these two together where the conversation turned to chronic pain.  Upon hearing about the successful mitigation of chronic pain a lightbulb went off and a partnership was formed.

The two quickly realized that they could use their talents to help make this world a better place.  They teamed up their skills and created their first product line, Better Baked Bark which is the first medicinal chocolate bark edible.  It fills a need – combining the health benefits of organic dark chocolate with healthy inclusions (almonds or cranberries) in a perfectly dosed piece to give the patient exact dosing without guesswork.

Ganjly: Have you faced many challenges while working in the cannabis market?

Rai Kai Edibles: There have been numerous challenges while working in the cannabis space that one does not see in other industries.  This industry seems to take a much more casual approach to business interactions.  While this is great in keeping the stress levels low, it also makes it difficult to make progress in a timely manner.

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We feel like we bring a bit of the traditional business world attitude along with us to our medicinal cannabis world interactions for a nice blend.  This has helped us make our cannabis contacts more accountable to deadlines while their casual attitude helps remind us that the world won’t stop spinning if that marijuana sample we need is coming a week later than expected.

A final challenge we are constantly facing is how can we get our product in the dispensaries or delivery services.  Our vision when we created our flagship product, Better Baked Bark, was to try to help as many patients as possible.

We find that it is very challenging to meet with the buyers or decision-makers for one reason or another.  Nevertheless, we move forward each day with the goal of getting our product in the hands of every patient that needs medicinal marijuana.

Ganjly: What is your relationship to cannabis?

Rai Kai Edibles: We have a love/hate relationship. We love that so many patients in so many states now have legal access to so much medicine.  We use it ourselves for pain management and to assist with sleep.  We hate the negative stigma that our government and our society has attached to this wonderful and all-natural medicine.

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Ganjly: How has your edibles helped your customers in terms of health and wellness?

Rai Kai Edibles: The most helpful characteristic of Better Baked Bark comes from the unique combination of perfect dosing and delicious chocolate.  We spent many long hours coming up with our amazing formula for our Better Baked Bark so it still tastes wonderful yet packs a precise and powerful dose.

Feedback on our product includes patients, trade show attendees, purchasing managers, and dispensary or delivery service owners who all tend to focus on how great the product tastes plus how effective the medicine is. Patients have told us that Better Baked Bark has helped with chronic pain, lowering stress levels or as a sleep aid.  We always try to remind patients that our Better Baked Bark can aid each person in a different way and we encourage feedback.

Ganjly: What is the most exciting thing about what you are doing?

Rai Kai Edibles: To be honest, each and every day at RaiKai Edibles is exciting.  Working with chocolate and cannabis on a daily basis makes for a wonderful and enjoyable workplace.

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We always love meeting with new dispensaries or delivery services and introducing them to our Better Baked Bark.  To see someone thoroughly enjoy something that you’ve poured your heart and soul into is extremely gratifying.  And it is great when we realize that our passion is truly helping people heal.

Ganjly: Where can they find your products and how can the dispensaries contact you for more information?

Currently we are available in Southern California at dispensaries and delivery services.  Our website, has an up-to-date listing of where to find us.  Any delivery service or dispensary who might be interested in carrying Better Baked Bark can contact us via our website as well,


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