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Blue Dream: The Cannabis Strain Everyone Is Talking About

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Blue Dream is a widely popular cannabis strain, originally from California. It mixes Indica and Sativa features, and it’s commonly used for medical purposes. It has a citrus taste, with notes of mango and blueberry. Keep reading to learn more about a strain so good that it has attracted Snoop Dogg’s attention.

Quick Description

Blue Dream has 70% of Sativa phenotypes and 30% of Indica phenotypes. It means that most of its effects align with Sativa features. While the Sativa is responsible for increased creativity, the Indica side is more sedative. It’s also known as ‘Azure Haze’ due to its cross between two other strains: Blueberry and Haze.

The Blue Dream strain has relatively high THC levels, ranging between 18% and 22%. Still, examples with about 25% of THC aren’t rare. Blue Dream’s got so famous that even Snoop Dogg used it to create his own strain with Master Kush, the ‘Snoop’s Dream’.  

It’s one of the most recommended strains for medical purposes. It offers immediate relief to pain and stress, also helping to fight depression. It’s reported to mitigate digestion problems and migraines.

Blue Dream grows better indoors. Even inexperienced growers can achieve good results with it the first time. However, experienced growers can reap a crop of about 500g per plant. Flowering time is in about ten weeks.

Medicinal Properties




The Blue Dream’s experience involves more than high THC levels and citric taste. There are other substances at play that are of equal medical interest. Here’s a shortlist of them.


Myrcene is a terpene that gives a lemongrass aroma, with a hint of mango. It’s sedative, and it’s also linked to hypnotic effects.


This terpene is commonly found in pine trees, which explains its pine aroma. The high levels of alpha-pinene in this strain work as a bronchodilator and anti-inflammatory.


This beta-caryophyllene (BCP) is also a common terpene. BCP can also be found in black pepper, and it’s known for boosting mood and relieving anxiety in animals.

Effects and Side Effects

Edible recipes with Blue Dream are great against fatigue, headaches, and chronic pain. Users of this strain typically report body relaxation, euphoria, calmness, and creativity. Over-consumption can lead to contrary results, though. Paranoia, anxiety, and stress are some of the possible side effects.

Read the Ground


It’s essential to get a good grasp of different kinds of soils before sowing your seeds. Some are better than others, depending on your goals. There are four varieties of natural soils: slit, sandy, clay, and loam. However, there are also endless combinations of two or more of those soils.

Here’s a brief explanation of the main ones.

Slit Coil

A slit soil contains minerals like quartz and organic particles. This kind of soil can retain moisture and still have satisfactory drainage. It’s pretty fertile and perfect for seeding.

Sandy Soil

This soil has low pH and next to no absorption capacity. On the bright side, it has excellent oxygen levels and drainage. Additionally, it’s easy to prepare this kind of soil for cultivation. For those reasons, this kind of soil is advisable for indoor usage.

Clay Soils

Clay is among the top organic options for growing cannabis. This kind of soil is rich in minerals and full of chemical reactions, but it offers poor drainage. Because of its thick texture, roots can take longer to penetrate it.

Loam Soil

This type combines all the soils mentioned above, at a proportion of 40/40/20. Its pH is next to neutral, with good water retention and drainage. The high oxygen levels and natural fertility make it a perfect potting soil.

Growing Dreams

Blue Dream seeds are ready to grow in an array of soils and conditions. Still, if you want to get the best from your plant, there are a few things to bear in mind. First of all, if the plant is constantly kept at the best climatic conditions, the crop tends to be excellent. This strain works better when grown indoors.

The soil must be rich in nitrogen, magnesium, and other fertilizers, with an abundant fresh water supply. In fact, this is one of the strains that need more water in the growing process. In ideal conditions, the plant starts flowering in eight to nine weeks. In case you’re cultivating it outdoors, September and October are the best months for harvesting.

Selecting the Soil

Preparing high-quality soil has a direct impact on the quality of your harvest. Superior soils tend to provide tastier and more potent buds. Consider using the hydroponic method, in this case. This strain shows better results when cultivated indoors. It’ll be a tall plant, so be ready to support it. Otherwise, the whole plant collapses.  


Blue Dream is a strain with THC levels and several medical properties. It’s a fast-growing plant with little demand regarding soil. Still, the best results are more easily achieved indoors. It’s also a great place to start for inexperienced growers.

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