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Boveda Humidity Control: Maximizing Efficacy and Storage for Cannabis

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When it comes to storing medicinal herbs, tobacco, or #cannabis, the biggest challenge that people face is humidity.

Too little moisture would cause your goods to lose their aroma, taste, and efficacy. Too much moisture can promote mold and mildew growth too. For the cannabis connoisseur, there are two things that he must have: a 2-way humidity control pack and the best humidor box for storing cannabis by American Chest.

boveda review

To ensure that the relative humidity of your storage is closest to the required levels, Boveda’s products are the easiest and best solution.


Boveda is a humidity control product that has been engineered and patented by Boveda Inc, which was initially known as Humidipak Inc.

The product is particularly useful in maintaining the right relative humidity inside containers that are used to store humidity-sensitive items like food, herbs, cannabis, tobacco, or pharmaceuticals.

As every commodity requires a different optimum level of relative humidity to stay in the best condition, Boveda is available in three different sizes and numerous different humidity levels that range from 13% to 97%.

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boveda review

As already mentioned, Boveda is available in three different sizes – 4g pack, 8 g pack and 60g pack.

The 4g pack measures 2”x2”, the 8g pack measures 2.75”x2.5” and the large 60g pack measures 5.5”x3.5”.

A new pack of Boveda will be very soft and squishy and as it gets used up over a period of time, the pack will start getting harder, letting you know that it is time to consider replacing the pack.


  • 4g packs are available in 62%, 58% RH levels
  • 8g packs are available in 49% RH levels
  • Ideal RH level for cannabis storage is 62%
  • 0-14g (up to 1/2 ounce) of herbal products would need 4g Boveda
  • 0-28g (up to 1 ounce) of herbal products would need 8g Boveda
  • 0-450g (up to 1 pound) of herbal products would need 60g Boveda


Usually, the shelf life of the 4g and 8g packs are one year in original packaging. The 60g packs have a higher shelf life which is two years in its original packaging.

We tested it by putting the Boveda in one of our cannabis jars and after an hour, the humidity reading was 62%.

After three weeks, the reading is still 62%. So this means, Boveda’s humidity control was maintained.

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What you need to know about the product

Boveda is a two-way humidity control product that is smart enough to gauge the temperature and humidity inside and outside the container and maintain the optimum RH level to ensure that the product is in the best state.

Boveda can be used to store items like tobacco, herbal medicine, spices and seeds, food, photos and documents, brown sugar, camera lenses, electronics, wood instruments and much more.

Our Final Thoughts

It is very important that the herbal medicines, tobacco, spices, or cannabis that you have are stored in the right relative humidity and temperature so that the flavor and aroma of these products are intact.

A quality hygrometer is a sensible investment for anyone storing especially sensitive materials, as the temperature of the air will impact the amount of water-soluble in the air.

The combination of the Boveda packs and a hygrometer allows the user to monitor the exact relative humidity of the container and its contents.

However, for maintaining the correct absolute humidity without any further thought, there is no product that can match the efficacy of Boveda.

In California, we tested Boveda and maintained our cannabis in a jar at a humidity of 62%. Boveda was able to maintain the humidity we desired.

We highly recommend Boveda for storing your cannabis.

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For more information on Boveda, you may want to visit

According to their website, these are the instructions for using Boveda with herbal medicines:

The same technology that revolutionized cigar storage is also available in the herbal-specific RH (relative humidity) of either 58% or 62%.

Available in multiple sizes to fit your favorite container, Boveda monitors the ambient conditions and adds or removes moisture, as necessary, to maintain the perfect water content of the flower.

You’ll immediately notice that color, texture, taste and strength are enhanced. As long as you have a working Boveda now makes it possible to store herbal medication indefinitely.

What role does Boveda play in the curing process?
Read this description.

When do I replace the Boveda?
The life of any Boveda depends on how much water vapor it needs to release. When Boveda is completely dry, it will turn into a solid wafer. It’s just short of this when there are very few soft spots left, that you’ll want to replace them.

Are there different sized Boveda?
Boveda is available in 4gram (2×2″), 8gram, (2.5×2.75″), 60gram (3.5×5.5″) and 320gram sizes. The grams refers to the amount of liquid inside.

Will Boveda over-humidify my herbal medication?
Never. Boveda is the only product in the world that knows when to stop adding moisture and won’t humidify beyond the RH on the pack, so there is no such thing as “too much”. Using more than recommended will just work more efficiently and last longer.

Here’s a guide on minimum Boveda and size:

Boveda 4 gram: 7-14 grams of medicine.
Boveda 8 gram: 14-28 grams of medicine.
Boveda 60 gram: 112-450 grams of medicine.
Boveda 320 gram: up to 5 pounds of medicine.

How long will Boveda last?
Because sizes of containers and how often they’re opened vary widely, Boveda will last 2 months in a container opened often, all the way to a year or more if not often opened. That’s what makes Boveda so ideal for long-term storage. Just check the texture of the Boveda and replace it when there are very few soft spots left.

Can Boveda touch the medicine?
100%. Boveda won’t damage anything through direct contact.

How can I maximize the life of Boveda? 
The tighter the seal on your container, the better. Minimize the time your container is open. Use the largest Boveda that will fit in your container or use more than one.

Intended Usage:
Boveda is ideal for storing and curing (aging) cannabis that has already been dried. While Boveda is effective in moisture removal, the standard method of hanging in a dry environment is most effective. When you feel the plant is close to the intended moisture content for curing, Boveda will do the fine-tuning for perfect long-term storage. Grow it, dry it, package it with Boveda. You get perfect long-term curing for the best possible cannabis.

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