Brian Caruso is the Founder & CEO of Zion Medicinals, one of the only spagyric hemp oil brands on earth.  @ZionMedicinals is focused on quality above anything else.

They use time & labor-consuming ethanol extraction to pull out more elements than CO2 as well as perform alchemy-based spagyric processing to create the most medicinal hemp oil on the market.

We interviewed Brian and got a chance to know more about him and Zion Medicinals. Brian also shares tips on CBD dosing as well as shopping for CBD online. Read on to learn more.

What was your background before coming to the CBD/Hemp space and what inspired you to create Zion Medicinals?

Brian Caruso: I’ve had many lives in my career thus far: I graduated with a B.S. in Information System and worked in IT hardware, then as a Regional Manager of an enterprise software company to starting my own web dev & SEO firm before starting Zion Medicinals.

Our company story is online, but the gist is that my wife suffers from chronic Lyme disease. As such, she has chronic insomnia and pain & fatigue.

She went through many years of treatment including harsh antibiotics with little success. As a ‘fixer’, I searched for alternative remedies and discovered CBD/hemp oil.

After trying a few national brands with little relief, I set out to find/create the most medicinal & healing hemp oil on the market. Thus, Zion Medicinals was born. 

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What is unique about Zion Medicinals and what is a Spagyric Extraction Process?

Brian Caruso: Zion Medicinals contracts with a single organic hemp farmer to ensure quality & consistency.

Then we use time-tested, but more labor-intensive ethanol extraction. Lastly and most importantly, we perform alchemy-based spagyric processing to add back into the full spectrum tincture the plant’s natural salts, minerals and oils that would not have otherwise been possible to create a more medicinal product than traditional hemp oil.

How does the Spagyric extraction process work and why is it better than the popular CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) extraction process?

Brian Caruso: To clarify, we use ethanol extraction, then perform the spagyric processing; it’s not an extraction method. But I think the question relates to ethanol & added spagyrics vs CO2.

The short answer is that CO2 is a quite limited extraction of the plant. The longer answer is that alcohol is both non-polar and polar, and as such, it can dissolve water and oil-soluble chemicals (medicinal oils, polysaccharides, carboxylic acids and other beneficial chemicals), whereas CO2 can only dissolve oil soluble chemicals.  

To get into a little more detail about spagyrics, it uses alchemy preparations that encompass 3 things in relation to plants: essential oils (soul), alcohol (spirit) and the mineral salts (body).

The simplified process involves taking the leftover plant matter after extraction, burning it to ash, filtered and evaporated to create mineral salts.

These salts are added back into the full spectrum tincture to create a spagyric tincture that includes all the plant’s acids, oils and minerals but in a more potent form.

We feel this creates the most medicinal hemp extract on the market. 

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What is the difference between full-spectrum CBD from the standard CBD oil?

Brian Caruso: There is some debate as to what constitutes “full-spectrum”, so I will give you my interpretation.

Actual full “spectrum hemp oil” (notice I didn’t write “full-spectrum CBD”) is a complete hemp extraction that includes all the plant’s naturally occurring cannabinoids (e.g CBD, THC, CBG, etc.) and terpenes; hence the name full spectrum.

I use the term “broad spectrum” to define a product that uses CBD isolate (just the cannabinoid cannabidiol) and added terpenes.

Finally, there is “CBD oil”, which is only a cannabidiol (CBD) isolate, which is a process that isolates only the CBD cannabinoid and nothing else. 

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Can you share tips as to what consumers must look out for when shopping CBD products online? What can they look out for in terms of transparency? And is the CBD safe and effective?

Brian Caruso: I would only buy from a company that offers to show product lab reports. Look to make sure the potency on the label is at least what the lab report says.

If it’s a full spectrum product then it should have more than 1 detectible cannabinoid and show detectable terpenes.

There are a lot of uninformed opinions about CBD and dosages. Consumers are confused about how much CBD to consume. Can you share some tips in dosage for beginners?

Because there are so many options (potencies, full-spectrum/isolate, etc.) in the hemp/CBD space, there is no one-size-fits-all dosing. Also, take into account that everybody is different.

Hemp oil  interacts with the endocannabinoid system and everyone is in different health. Lastly, some people are more sensitive to medicine than others.

So I’ve created the Zion Medicinals microdosing method: 5 drops under the tongue, wait 30 min. and then reevaluate your body and dose another 5 drops and repeat until you find your sweet spot. 

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What feedback did you get from your customers on how Zion Medicinals have helped them?

Brian Caruso: Here are a few actual customer purchase reviews (that you can check via our website)

a. “Love this oil! It’s the difference between getting a good night’s sleep and feeling well-rested to tossing and turning all night long and tired the next day.” – Karl G.

b. “If you are a person that has anxiety issues or have a hard time getting a good night’s sleep this product is for you. From first-hand experience, this product has without question helped me with both anxiety and staying asleep once asleep.” Brian D.

Thank you so much Brian for taking the time to do the interview! To know more about Brian and his company, go to their website

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