Bryan Fried: Bridging the Gap Between Cannabis and Agriculture Growth with a Revolutionary Software

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In this episode, I get a chance to talk to Bryan Fried, Chairman and CEO of Pangea Global Technologies. We cover the following topics:

How indoor farming could play a critical role in helping to meet the world’s growing demand for food, especially given the challenges of shrinking farmable acres, which sets investors up for a lot of growth as companies expand their farming operations.

The growth of the indoor farming industry and the benefits of indoor farming How AgTech is leading the way for both cannabis and agriculture Pangea Global Technologies is the nation’s leading technology solutions provider and manufacturer of LED lighting.

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Bryan has spent his entire career in manufacturing and distribution, serving in executive-level roles at Custom Graphic Communications, Sorg Corporation, Professional Lithographics, Allenbach Industries, and Bertlesmann AG. He’s also a certified examiner for the California Council for Quality & Service, administering the U.S. Senate Productivity Award. And here is a fun fact: Bryan is a martial arts grand master and has practiced three different martial arts since he was 11 years old.

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