Sunday, October 2, 2022

California Announces 30M Grant Program to Promote Social Equity in the Cannabis Industry

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The state of California’s Governor has partnered up with the bureau that handles and manages cannabis control to fund a 30 million dollar grant. This grant is actually through a specific program for cannabis called the cannabis equity grant. This is to help bring about balance and to help bring about a more equitable share for individuals to be able to get into the cannabis industry.

This grant will support and promote small businesses by providing technical assistance, waiving, reducing licensing fees, along with helping the small business workforce by furnishing training and retention techniques to have a reliable workforce. Even training like emergency preparedness will be given to help with business resilience.

This is very necessary because one is probably already aware that balance and help are needed for minorities in regards to small businesses as most minorities can’t get approved for loans and are mostly overlooked for opportunities to be an entrepreneur.

So, the state of California should be an example to the other 35 states and the District of Columbia who has already legalized marijuana and any other states to join in the legalization.

Grants are a great move to make sure that minorities have a chance to join the booming cannabis market. To eliminate barriers and blocks has got to be on the top of the list of priorities along with the funding provided in the partnerships to help small businesses.

The state of California took that step forward and any person who has previous convictions of record in reference to possession of marijuana or selling marijuana can still receive all the help and funding to have a chance to run their own businesses also. This along with politicians stepping up to the plate to help is good because many minorities do not have the political connections.

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