Dr. Koroush Parsapour and his team of doctors at WeedRecs offers you the lowest price STATEWIDE at $14.99 and the best care for online Medical Marijuana Recommendation. Get educated and watch the video.

Ganjly interviews Dr. Koroush Parsapour of WeedRecs.com. Dr. Parsapour gladly answers our following questions below:

1. What made you decide to create Weed Recs?
2. Economics aside, what other ethical challenges do you face in the new cannabis business climate?
3. Have you faced many challenges while working in the cannabis market?
4. What is your relationship to cannabis?
5. Can cannabis be a legitimate alternative to prescription painkillers?
6. How do dispensaries react when learning that there are no cosmetic requirements for medical marijuana cards?
7. Do you have any success stories you’d like to share with us?

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