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5 Benefits of Cannabis and Steamy Sex [plus Sex Strain Guide]

Sex strains shopping guide and five potential benefits that cannabis can bring to intimacy.

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As Valentine’s Day approaches, I thought I would write about three of my favorite things: cannabis, intimacy, and sex.

One popular question I get is whether cannabis can make sex better and the answer is yes!

Of course, every person is different and cannabis is certainly not right for every partner but if you are curious, read on!

Here are five potential benefits that cannabis can bring to intimacy.

1. More is just better

According to Dr. Michael Eisenberg, a urologist at Stanford University, regular cannabis users have more sex.

In a study of approximately 28,000 women, the non-cannabis users had sex an average of 6 times in a 4 week period.

Regular cannabis users reported having sex 7.1 times during a 4 week period.

A similar increase in activity for men was noted as well.

Read the results here.

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2. The gangsta (with a small g) effect

There is built-in intimacy when a couple engages in an “illicit activity” (even if that activity has recently become legal).

For some, this “bad boy/bad girl/bad person” persona helps to make a couple feel bold, rebellious and connected.

Until a few years ago, all adult-use/recreational cannabis was illegal. This meant that an adult would have to knowingly break the law to get cannabis to share with their partner.

Think of the couple in the movie True Romance or Bonnie and Clyde and you can’t help but feel sexual energy between them that is stoked by being “gangsta.”

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3. Sharing is caring 

For any couple, shared activity and passion bring opportunities for intimacy.

Traveling together, playing tennis together, exploring a city together, or consuming cannabis together, you are sharing conversation, making memories, and spending quality time together– all ingredients that are conducive to intimacy and sex.

When sharing cannabis–as you roll a joint, pack a pipe, make edibles, or apply lotions–time slows down as you focus on the task at hand and your partner.

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4. Let’s get physical

Cannabis creates physical effects that are ideal for sexual activity. With particular strains- and we’ll get to that- one’s mental focus sharpens so you can focus on your partner.

Today we talk about “being in the moment” or “being mindful” and when you are high staying in the moment can be easier to do.

For some, it can feel like time has slowed down which makes the experience of sex more intense and pleasurable.

There is a reason that THC has been called “the bliss molecule.” THC releases dopamine in your body which can make you feel euphoric, and if you are having sex, well, that is intensified.

Read more about cannabis and sex here.

Another way that cannabis can help with intimacy is to relieve pain. For those suffering from joint or other chronic pain, cannabis can alleviate that pain making intimacy more enjoyable.

It is often the case with post-menopausal women a lack of lubrication can make intimacy painful.

Cannabis to the rescue! “Weed Lube,” is a cannabis-infused ointment that provides lubrication, pain relief, and vaginal stimulation.

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5. Have it your way 

Cannabis is consumable in so many ways, that everyone can find the one that suits them best.

Not a smoker? Edibles are available in any way that you can think of; brownies, gummies, chocolate bars, oils, butter.

If you are new to edibles a word to the wise: BE CAREFUL. No matter what your size, it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours to feel the effects.

It is easy to go overboard if you just take “one more” because you don’t think it is working.

And then your partner will more than likely be watching you sleep!

Tinctures (drops) take effect in about 15 minutes so if you plan to get busy in a less relaxed timeline, this could be a good option.

And by the way, this is no secret as sources as early as 700 A.D. in India discussed using cannabis with tantric sex. So, in a nutshell, more sex, longer sex, more intense sex. I’ll have what she’s having.

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Sex Strains Shopping Guide

Easy, Easy like Sunday Morning

These Indica Dominant/Indica Hybrid Strains for gentle, lingering, nowhere to go sex.

The approximate amounts of THC (what makes you high) and/or CBD (which provides pain relief) are listed as well.

Granddaddy PurpleGranddaddy Purple may not be the sexiest of names but this Indica hybrid packs a good amount of THC (about 17%) that leads to the feeling of happiness and euphoria and then a body buzz. Be sure not to consume too much or you may feel some “couch-lock” coming on. This strain is a descendant of Purple Urkle and Big Bud and is fairly easy to find at dispensaries.
Skunk No. 1This Indica hybrid contains about 15% THC which is fairly potent. It is described as relaxing, euphoric, but still energizing. Users may feel a bit dreamy and anecdotally I’ve heard that you may want to keep a bottle of water handy in case you get cotton mouth.
Bubblegum KushBubblegum Kush is a combination of 80% Indica and 20% Sativa that packs a 19% THC punch. This citrusy tasting bud may sneak up on you as it is slow acting and provides a sense of peace. It’s great for a long, caressing sort of lovemaking session.
Blue CheeseThe spawn of Blueberry and UK Cheese, Blue Cheese is an Indica hybrid with about 15% THC. The high is gradual and balanced between body and mind. Blue Cheese is also an effective pain reliever and best used when tender sex is on the menu.
GooIf I were to have edibles before sex, I may choose an edible made of Goo. Goo is a combination of 80% Indica and 20% Sativa with at least 15% THC. It produces a gradual, dreamy high, and then promises a solid night of sleep. So make sure you and your partner are planning to sleep after sex or you may be left lagging or feeling sluggish
Silver HazeThis 50/50 hybrid (50% Indica and 50% Sativa) has a moderate amount of THC, namely 11% but is surprisingly fast-acting. It is well known to lower inhibitions so if nervousness during intercourse is a factor or you want to try something new, Silver Haze may be the way to go.
JillybeanJillybean is often anecdotally recommended when a solo session is in order. It could be because the effects are very predictable starting with a feeling of creativity and energy, moving on to a soothing body high, comfort, and pain relief. Jillybean is an Indica hybrid with about a 13% THC level. And reportedly, the munchies are common when using Jillybean.


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Think Lady Marmalade-
Gitchie, Gitchie, Ya-Ya, Da-Da!

These Sativa Dominant/Sativa Hybrid Strains are for the more energetic, lets-get-this-party-started among us.

The approximate amounts of THC (what makes you high) and/or CBD (which provides pain relief) are listed as well.

Sour DreamSour Dream is comprised of 70% Sativa and 30% Indica and is the spawn of well-known and popular parents Sour Diesel and Blue Dream. It literally puts you in the mood because it fights depression, combats cramps, and makes the user feel sociable and euphoric. Sour Dream weighs in at about 17% THC so expect a nice energy boost.
Sour DieselIf Sour Dream is not available and you want a similar experience, you may want to try Sour Diesel. It is also Sativa dominant and contains 17% THC. Users describe the high as energizing and dreamy.
Ultimate TrainwreckUltimate Trainwreck is also a bit similar to both Sour Dream and Sour Diesel. It is slightly lower in THC than Sour Dream/Sour Diesel averaging around 14% THC. It provides pain relief and a cerebral, euphoric high which makes it a good strain for new sexual experiences.
FloFlo is mostly a Sativa hybrid strain but it also contains a small amount of CBD averaging 12% THC and 1% CBD. It alleviates stress, increases creativity and provides a nice boost of energy leaving you open to spirited, passionate sex.
VoodooVoodoo is Sativa dominant and weighs in at about 10% THC. It is known to kick up the user’s energy level giving them a euphoric high. It is known to lessen anxiety and then adds to a restful night’s sleep; definitely recommended for nighttime use
HarlequinHarlequin is often recommended as a morning, wake-and-bake-have-sex strain. It is a Sativa dominant hybrid that packs in an impressive amount of CBD in a proportion of 5:2 which translates into 15% THC and 6% CBD. It provides a mild high with an uplifted mood; just the right combination to get your morning started and then continue to be productive.

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rob mejaAbout the author: Rob Mejia has always been curious. Born in Denver as one of 13 children, he grew up like most kids — playing sports, hanging out with buddies, and smoking some cannabis. A talent for tennis, a head for grades, and a curiosity about the East Coast landed him at Georgetown University and then, later, NYC publishing. It was only when his beloved sister, Theresa, passed from cancer that Rob’s curiosity about cannabis blossomed into an obsession. He diligently began to learn about and research the world of cannabis and its medicinal possibilities. This journey resulted in the creation of Our Community Harvest, ( a business focused on cannabis knowledge, food, and health-related products. Rob also published his first cannabis book The Essential Cannabis Book: A Field Guide for the Curious in October 2018 which can be purchased in bookstores and on at:

You can find him on Twitter at @OurComHarvest.

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