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MagicalButter Review: Is Magical Butter Worth It?

@MagicalButter Review on Ganjly

Ganjly’s MagicalButter Review gives you an idea of all the delightful things that you can do with this amazing countertop appliance.

Make magical cooking oil with the MagicalButter. Try ’em out!

The cannabis extract that you get out of MagicalButter could be used to make anything from butter to tinctures and other items that showcase the secrets and beauty of cannabis. Does the magic butter make CBD oil? Yes, yes it does. We have a recipe here in the site for that. 

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MagicalButter Specifications, $174.95

magicalbutter review


● Fully automatic, microprocessor-controlled program sequences

  • Pitcher constructed of stainless steel
  • Integrated digital thermostat & sensors bring laboratory-grade temperature controls to your kitchen for consistent results
  • Makes 2-5 cups per cycle
  • Self-cleaning!


Weight: 10 lbs.

Width: 10 Inches

Height: 14 Inches

Depth: 10 Inches

Capacity: 2-5 Cups of Liquids

Included: LoveGlove, PurifyFilter 190, MB CookBook, Owner’s Manual and 110V power cord.

The MagicalButter extracts all the essential oils in your cannabis. Oil is extracted using a bit of fluid in this device, and that very same extract can be infused into anything that you want.

You could make something that is used to serve food, or you could make cannabis oil for cooking or for vaping purposes.

Each step that you take in extracting the oils gives you a purer version of the cannabis, and it could be applied to anything you want.

We tested the MagicalButter and used it to make magical cannabis cooking oil.

We got the recipe from their website and they even had a video to make it easier. It was easy!

We added all the ingredients, pressed the two buttons to set the temperature and 1-hour oil timer, and voila!

Instant cannabis cooking oil. We used their LoveGlove to keep our hands safe and clean while handling hot liquids.

It has heat protection, comfy fit and non-slip grip.

We were successful in extracting it and we used the cannabis oil in cooking pasta.

We tried making cannabis-infused pesto using cannabis oil. It tasted so delicious with our pesto pasta.

Try to get their silicone butter tray.

It is the world’s first silicone trays marked for medibles. So you can safely and accurately dose.

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magicalbutter gloves magicalbutter silicone trays

Why Extract Yourself?

You might be in a place where you want to extract and do everything yourself to be certain that you are getting the exact dose that you need.

You might make something that is much more concentrated than what you would get from a dispensary, or you could get a product that is much lighter and more diluted.

You have the choice to make an extract that you like, and this is how you control your intake and cannabis consumption.

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Our Final Thoughts

MagicalButter was super easy to use, and you will find that other MagicalButter reviews out there will say the same thing. Operating it was effortless.

It is an awesome additional appliance to your kitchen.

The materials used to make the MagicalButter is of premium superior quality.

The pitcher is made of stainless steel and makes 2-5 cups in every cycle.

For the price of $174.95, it is affordable. It also comes with a cookbook to help you start on your cooking.

It creates incredible recipes and infusions because the machine is a combination of an immersion blender with a programmable thermostat and heating unit.

The MagicalButter successfully grinded, heat, and stirred our cannabis extract.

They have PurifyFilters to separate the sediment from your recipes. It is an easy squeeze and you can maximize the product without ripping.

The filter is made of great quality nylon. You can create infusions safely and consistently.

This wonderful appliance does just what it says it will do and basically does everything for you.

We think this is the easiest way to make edibles at home.

We love the MagicalButter machine! Next week, we will try to make homemade brownies. And yes, it’s definitely worth getting a MagicalButter machine. Buy as a gift or get one for yourself at MagicalButter.com.

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